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WesStuffed Is Seeking EICs

westuffedSadichchha Adhikari ’16 writes in:


Amanda Roosa ’16 and I (Sadichchha Adhikari ’16) are seeking two students to take over WesStuffed, Wesleyan’s food blog next year. Everything is established: the domain name, the publicity initiatives, and the connections with Middletown restaurants and on-campus eateries (you’ll never go hungry). The only qualifications are that you love food, enjoy writing, and are interested and COMMITTED to taking the reigns for next year. If you’re interested in this ~*AMAZING*~ OPPORTUNITY, e-mail sadhikari[at]wesleyan[dot]edu and cc. aroosa[at]wesleyan[dot]edu by April 28, 2016.

Apply By: Thursday, April 28

WesStuffed Food Blog seeks leader

Ari Rudess ’15 writes in:

WesStuffed founders Ari Rudess ’15 and Alex Irace ’15 are looking for a fearless leader(s) to manage Wesleyan’s official food blog. Everything is established: the domain name, the publicity initiatives, and the connections with Middletown restaurants and on-campus eateries (we promise you will never go hungry again.) The only qualifications are that you love food, enjoy writing, and are interested and committed to taking the reigns on this endeavor. If you’re the next overlord of WesStuffed, shoot an email to arudess[at]wesleyan[dot]edu and cc. lhess[at]wesleyan[dot]edu.

If taking charge is too daunting, but you want to get involved, email arudess[at]wesleyan[dot]edu.

WesStuffed Information Session

From Alex Irace ’15:

Come to Usdan 110 this Sunday at 7 PM to hear about how you can get involved in Wesleyan’s official food blog, WesStuffed. We’re looking for writers, photographers, and tech/PR staff. Great opportunity to gain experience in writing and digital media!
Check us out at www.wesstuffed.com!

Date: Sunday, March 2 2014
Time: 7:00 PM – 7:45 PM
Place: Usdan, room 110

WesStuffed: Sophomore Foodies Launch Campus Food Blog, Use “Wes” as Prefix

“On WesStuffed, students can read about anything from the new sandwiches available at Usdan Café to a review of a hole-in-the-wall Vietnamese noodle house on Main Street.”

Stop the presses, there’s a new food blog on WordPress! This one isn’t a cooking blog, like For The Love of Food (Lauren Rothman ’08) or Bread and Butter Press (Leah Campbell ’09). It’s not a recipe blog, like The Intrepid Cook (Maren Ellingboe ’10). It’s not just a bunch of pictures of salads, like Ryan Makes Salads, or consolidated menus, like the apparently defunct WesFood, and it’s certainly not as episodic as the sorely missed Lunchtime with Mark and Scott.

It’s WesStuffed, a learned, entertaining, and gastronomically informed guided to “the culinary jungle that is Middletown, Connecticut.” Roughly comparable to The Wesivore, which has been discontinued, the blog has so far featured rundowns of Middletown eateries, reviews of Pi iced tea and Red & Black cheese selections, and a pretty illuminating take on Usdan’s continued relationship with Ronnybrook dairy products. (The authors even spoke with the farmers and distributors of Ronnybrook products, both Wesleyan alumni.) It has also championed the hell out of Sweet Harmony Cafe and Bakery, a little-known hole-in-the-wall Middletown joint “laden with trinkets and treasures of every variety.”