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Procrastination Destination: RidicuLaws


Sometimes, when I let my mind wander, really random questions slither into it such as why the Korean War hasn’t ended yet and why we still haveĀ the Raisin Administrative Committee from the era of the New Deal that gets to decide how many raisins American farmers can sell

Maybe, I ponder, there is no time to return to archaic laws or create legislation on issues so far in the past. The government must be too busy passing laws that address current issues (or not). Womp womp.

Anywho, not only do we have ridiculous federal laws, but we also have some pretty ridiculous state laws. I mean, there are some really bizarre ones. So, for all you troopers getting through the last night of finals week, here is a list of lists that compile some laws we simply don’t need anymore (slash never did).