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Foss Cross Lives!…

…sort of. It’s been re-branded “Bend it at Beckham”–presumably because the event is now held in Fayerweather and not Mocon–but the essence remains the same. From the New Student Orientation schedule:

“It’s gender bending time! At Wes we are aware that gender can be expressed in a variety of ways, and one way it is expressed is through dress. So exchange clothes with your hall mates and challenge what gender is or should be. Pencil a moustache, don a wig, be as creative as you want, and come prepared to bend the gender binary in fun and fashion!”

(For a refresher on the debate surrounding the event last spring, see here.)

The night is still young!

What’s with the frosh-only events, Wesleyan? Upperclassmen want to boogie down, too. First “In The Company of Others” is ticketed, then you card at Foss Cross?? My freshman year RA told us that Wesleyan is one of the rare schools where older students make a concerted effort to come back early just for Orientation. So cut it out. At least make on-site tickets available for us geezers.

Anyways, it’s almost 1:30 AM but the night is still young. If you’re sitting in your room reading this right now, take a walk down High Street and follow the music: There are events going on all over the place for the last true Orientation hurrah before most of campus moves in tomorrow. So come down!