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Furnace Fire at Lotus House Leads to Early Morning Adventures


Lotus House is located at 356 Washington Street

It’s 4:15 AM on Sunday morning, that period of time when it’s half super late on Saturday and half super early on Sunday, and the piercing sounds of Lotus House’s fire alarm startle me awake. At first I think this sound is my roommate’s alarm clock, which annoys me, but when the way-too-loud screeching persists for about a minute, I figure I should probably leave the room. I’m still too drowsy to realize that I’m forgetting a jacket, shoes, and my phone – a rookie mistake.

My hallmates and I head down the stairs, and contrary to our quick assumption that somebody was either cooking or smoking, we see a lot of smoke accumulating around the first floor that smells like either some crazy chemical or like somebody’s burning their hair. Anything is possible in Lotus House. We wait outside the house until the fire department comes, at which point we’re all like, Yay they can turn off the alarm and let us back in to sleep! But then after a couple minutes PSafe is basically like, Sike! This is gonna take a while.

It’s freezing outside, so they put us in the workshop-garage-annex-type building next to the house, and we wait for about an hour before conclusively being told that the furnace in the basement caught fire and that it ignited some of the house’s super old insulation, hence that chemically smell. Oh and by the way – it’s leaking carbon monoxide. Gotta love it. “It,” of course, being the act of getting poisoned while you sleep in the residential area you pay thousands of dollars per semester to sleep in. But I digress.

Students Enjoy Fall Foliage on Foss!

The weather is really nice today! The sun is out, the air is not too cool, and it’s not raining/sleeting/hailing/raining fire from the sky! Also there’s lots of pretty leaves turning colors on the trees!

Foss is full of jubilant undergrads playing sports, doing homework, partaking in ~activites~, and just hanging out enjoying this beautiful day!

Come outside and enjoy the beautiful day! And if you have any nice fall photos, send them our way at staff[at]wesleying[dot]org!

Film Series ON FOSS: Dazed and Confused

Coming this Friday… an outdoor Film Series experience!

1993. USA. Dir. Richard Linklater. With Jason London. 102 min. 

Schooool’s out! Bell-bottom jeans and rock music abound in Linklater’s ‘70s coming-of-age comedy concerning an eclectic group of Texan teens on their last day of school. Pranks are pulled and good times had as incoming freshman desperately try to escape a demoralizing “ass-whooping” and upperclassmen feel the weight of life-changing decisions. Free outdoor screening on Foss Hill, sponsored by the WSA.

FRIDAY (rain date: Sunday) / 8 P.M. / FOSS HILL / FREE

WesBAMFest: Yoga on Foss

fossyogaA message from the fine Isabel Fine ’17:

Come to Foss for an afternoon of fun and flow in the great outdoors.

Prefosh encouraged, and all levels welcome!

Date: Friday, April 18, 2014
Time: 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM
Place: Foss Hill

Photos: Holi, the Festival of Colors, Returns to Foss

Holi, the springtime Festival of Colors, returned to Foss on Saturday for the second year in a row, thanks to the efforts of Shakti, the South Asian Student Association. A barrage of colored powder combined with a slip-and-slide on Foss for the most festive display of spirit on Foss since, well, last Saturday. For an excellent gallery of photos of Holi festivals across India, click here. The gallery below is courtesy of Wesleyan’s Olivia Drake.

#ThisIsHigh: Students “Choose to Protest Existing Marijuana Laws,” P-Safe Protests Students Protesting Existing Marijuana Laws

Using photoshopped Michael Roth ’78 heads to avoid incriminating students definitely hasn’t gotten old yet, right?

For the fifth or tenth or maybe even twentieth year in a row, hundreds of students gathered on Foss Hill at 4:20 on April 20 to submerge the Middletown skyline in a sea of smoke as potent as any since the Grateful Dead serenaded Foss in 1970. Only this time Dean Rick Culliton gave the practice a name. He called it “protesting existing marijuana laws.” Did you have a civically engaged weekend?

Leave it to students to give it a hashtag:

Once again, the weather was quite a bit friendlier to 4/20 than it’s been to Spring Fling in recent years, and members of Public Safety harshed some students’ mellow by tramping around with video cameras and stamping out joints left and right.

Yoga on Foss with WesBAM + SHOFCO

Screen shot 2013-04-14 at 11.59.18 AM

Renee Dunn ’14 of WesBAM has a suggestion for how to productively spend at least one day on Foss Hill this week:

Ring in hill season with a fun-filled FREE yoga class on Foss Hill in collaboration with Shining Hope for Communities (SHOFCO)! Inspired by the Kibera School for Girls and their playful yoga practice, we will be channeling their upbeat, joyful, and sassy energy. Celebrate the weekend, springtime, WesFest, and international yoga practice with us. All levels are welcome! Donations to SHOFCO will be graciously accepted.

And, in case you needed another reason to spend your afternoon on Foss, SHOFCO will be debuting the NEW YOGA BAGS, designed and handmade by the women of the SHOFCO Women’s Empowerment Project (SWEP) – which will be sold in WesBAM classes through there after. Other beautiful merchandise will be available for purchase as well!

To learn more about SHOFCO and SWEP, visit their website.

Rain Location: Fayerweather Theater Room (106)

Date: Friday, April 19
Time: 4:30 PM
Location: Foss Hill! (Rain location: Fayerweather Theater Room 106)
Cost: FREE
WesBAM Website?  Yep!

Man in Gorilla Costume Chased Giant Banana Around Foss Today, Claim Eyewitnesses

We didn’t witness this mischief, but our Foss Chill correspondents report from the front lines.

“Man in gorilla costume chases banana across Foss, runs behind Usdan, comes back and three bananas are now chasing him!” wrote an unsuspecting bystander. “It was epic. The bananas tackled the gorilla at the bottom of the hill!”

Adam Johnson ’14 sent in some cellphone-quality photographic evidence. Have pictures or video of your own? Direct them to us at staff(at)wesleying(dot)org.

Welcome to Wesleyan, prefrosh. Have fun, but know your limits.

Dross on Foss

foss hill

It’s springtime. The birds are flying, the butterflies fluttering, the trees blooming.

As usual, the trash is proliferating. In the illustrious words of Dylan Nelson ’15:

The state Foss is left in sometimes is just absurd. I’m just baffled by the amount of bottles and trash that can be strewn across it come 5:30 on a Saturday. It just irritates me to no end that people can walk away, leaving their cans and other waste sitting there. I guess people figure one can can’t hurt, but when everyone operates on the same mentality, it all adds up. No one except your fellow students will be coming up behind you to clean. It’s not very difficult to walk all of 200 feet to the garbage bins at the top of the hill. A few friends and myself picked up a vast majority of the bottles and cans left behind the other Saturday, and total it took us maybe all of twenty minutes. Not long at all to keep a central feature of Wesleyan clear of trash. Just walking around with some empty beer cases that had been left behind, filling them with empties, and then emptying them into the recycling bin at the top. That’s cleaning other peoples garbage, across the entire hill. If everyone were just aware of their own waste and dealt with it, there’d be no issue, and the responsibility of clearing it wouldn’t fall on just the people who apparently care enough to be bothered to pick up a few empties.

So before you go off to your Save-The-Whales Awareness Meeting, do something immediately helpful for the environment and clean up. Please. Foss is our communal space and should be treated as such.