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Harlem Shake Wesleyan-Style

Update: This event has been postponed for reasons explained in the comments section.

Katey Spinner ’15 invites you to Foss:

Here’s what’s going to happen (you know the drill)- a few people will be dancing, then cut to all of us dancing NAKED (or in underwear whatevs) or wearing something brightly colored. ok cool wesleyan style.

Date:Today, April 5
Time:3:00 p.m. – 3:40 p.m.
Place: Foss Hill
Facebook: Event link

Acts of Heroism in a Snowpocalypse

The view from Senior Fauver, as photographed by Tuna yesterday afternoon.

The view from Senior Fauver, as photographed by Tuna yesterday afternoon.

This morning we received in our tipbox an account, from an anonymous reader, of a rather heroic rescue that took place late last night, during blizzard conditions:

Last night, a bunch of my friends and I saw a figure muddling through the blizzard. He collapsed in the snow, and did not get up. Julia Holewinski ’15, wearing just a sweater, immediately ran outside and hauled the man inside with some difficulty. He was clearly extremely intoxicated, and his eyelashes were frozen solid. We think his name is [removed] (class of ’14). If Julia hadn’t had the presence of mind and physical strength to drag him inside, he probably would have died in a snowdrift.

Besides applauding Holewinski for her courageous rescue, this seems like an opportune time to remind you that if you feel the need to get wasted during blizzard conditions (which is all fine and good), drink responsibly and don’t go wading through snow alone at night. If you spot an obviously smashed friend attempting to stumble home alone through snow drifts and heavy winds, walk with them or offer them your couch. Sorry to get all mom on you all of a sudden.

Speaking of snow rescues, pyrotechnics post this morning noted that some students (especially in Lo-Rise) are quite literally unable to open their front doors because of the Alaskan-style snow drifts.

Wittenberg ’16 Reveals Surprising Etymology of Foss and WestCo

Daniel Wittenberg ’16, wise sage, fellow westcovian, and new freshman president of WestCo, shares with us the little-known but age-old story of how our beloved Foss Hill and West College inherited their names. Last Sunday, Daniel spontaneously wrote and sent this post to the WestCo listerv to encourage residents to attend one of the weekly Monday night meetings (formally known as “guidance”). I can safely assume that he wrote this tall tale as a way to impress upon Westcovians the importance of attending guidance and commemorating the “founding” of WestCo. Read his historical account below, and you’ll surely develop a new appreciation for the small hill and the system of glum-looking two-story buildings that we all take for granted.

One evening, late in September in the year 1420B.C., a young traveler with an unknown name came with weary feet upon a hill so perfectly sloped that he could not resist the temptation to sit and relax on it. He had traveled many miles to escape his community where a butt-chugging epidemic was running rampant, and so, despite the thriving community of ostriches that occupied the hill, the traveler decided that this was where he would rest for the night. He woke the next morning with the rays of the rising sun streaming into his eyes. It was a beautiful moment, and remained so until the traveler noticed the enormous pile of ostrich poop that had accumulated on top of him over the course of the night. He sprang up and shouted, “Fuckin’ ostriches!” Liking the way the two words rang out into the crisp dawn air, our wanderer decided that his discovery would come to be known as Fuckin’ Ostrich Hill (over time the original name was lost in translation, and “Fuckin Ostrich” became “Foss”).

Study: The Mash Exactly Like Spring Fling, Except Not

No, we didn’t film President Roth’s dance moves, but this link is always good.

The Mash, a first-time-ever Music & Public Life initiative, totally happened, and it was totally like a cross between Fête de la Musique and Spring Fling, what with the whole people-chilling-on-the-hill-in-beautiful-weather thing going on. There were bands all over the freaking place—Mattabassett (more like Mattabadass, amiright?) String Collective jamming out with President Roth outside Usdan, Yeoman’s Omen and Featherwood Bee at WestCo, Bones Complex and The Taste outside Olin, and a bunch more that I’m not bothering to name. For images of the Mattabassett/Roth collab, check out the University’s photo album. Here’s Roth, and here’s his fan club:

The Mash: A Celebration of Music & Public Life

Forgot to fill out your Teaching freakin’ Evaluations in time for eternal life? Chelsie Green ’14 sends in a much more interesting survey pertaining to a September music happening that will transcend time, space, and all earthly matter:

There is a student committee working with the CFA to plan The Mash, a music happening being planned for the Friday after classes begin (Sept. 7). Inspired by the Fête de la Musique in France, the event will kick-off the year-long celebration of Music & Public Life. It will open with a faculty band, continue with student bands playing all over campus and culminate in an alumni band (to be announced) on Foss. The band will lead a campus-wide play/sing along of a song everyone is encouraged to learn over the summer. The song is set to be some Beatles song, but it is up to the student body to choose, so please vote here.

More information about this event will be announced in the coming weeks.

Unfortunately, “Revolution 9” doesn’t appear on the ballot, but here’s what does: “Come Together,” “Yellow Submarine,” “Here Comes the Sun,” “Hey Jude,” “All You Need is Love,” “She Loves You.” So choose The Right One, guys. You know.

Going Viral?

With 1,175 views and counting, aspiring viral video “Back to Foss” seems to have gained some traction in the past few days.

Featuring Ben Firn ’14, Chris Law ’14, Adam Watson ’14, Kiley Robbins ’14, Jeff Blout ’14, Jimmy Hill ’14, and Zak Malik ’14, the video by “Strikingly Mediocre” imagines a Wesleyan interview that quickly devolves into some unadulterated weslove (alright, except for the sandwiches at Pi Cafe) set to a (catchy?) tune.

Thanks to Asher Lipsett ’14 for the tip.