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VIDEO: MRoth Appears On Fox News To Talk Sanctuary Campuses


I sometimes really wished I watched cable news. You know, among a life of reading, work, class, essays, and more at a Liberal University™, I feel like I somehow miss out on the rather illuminating shows on channels like Fox News. For anyone who might not know, Fox News is that one cable news channel that employs an anchor that declares that, you know, poverty isn’t all that bad because poor people have fridges. It is also the cable news channel that was founded and run by a sexual predator for 20 years. I am so checked out from the channel that I don’t notice when Evil Presidents of Liberal Universities™ are featured as guests (fodder for conservative viewers sitting on their couch in South Carolina eating spaghetti-o’s?).

The College Bubble: A Higher Ed Round-Up

This begins a weekly[ish] piece presenting recent articles on college and higher education news and issues. 

Just in time for the return of ridiculously expensive trips to Broad Street, U.S. PIRG has put out a study revealing the adverse effects of high text book costs on students’ (especially low-income students’) course decisions, and subsequently, their grades. There’s no other way to say it – this is a f****ed up system.

Housing Policy Scandal Hits Fox News

“‘We really want to create the safest environment possible,’ [David Pesci] said.”

It was only a matter of time before last week’s contentious housing policy revision—and ensuing student reactions, FIRE objection, and student-run protests—hit national news. No, it’s not the Huff Post.
Along with providing a general narrative of everything you pretty much already know, the Fox article, headlined “Wesleyan University Students Complain New Housing Policy Exerts Too Much Control,” provides some especially interesting viewpoints from David Pesci, Wesleyan’s director of media relations, and Jeff Tanenbaum ’12, president of Beta (and currently misspelled as “Tanendaum”). Despite last week’s striking student backlash, Pesci isn’t backing down:

“They’re stretching the definition of the rule,” Pesci said.

Pesci told FoxNews.com that next fall the regulations aren’t changing, just being more heavily enforced to protect the students. He said the revisions are being made only to tell students they will face disciplinary action if the rules are broken.


But Tanendaum isn’t convinced. He said if students wish to gather at any private society, such as “The Italian Society,” it would have to be approved by college officials, or else they could face consequences.

The Person You Think You Know: Signs and Solutions of Campus Violence

This should be interesting. FOX News comes to Wesleyan in the form of a corporate-sponsored forum on relationship violence.

Brought to you by the Hartford Courant, FOX News CT, and Wesleyan University:

“The Person You Think You Know: Signs and Solutions of Campus Violence”

Almost half of college students have experienced abuse in a relationship, according to a 2008 study. Abuse can range from cyber-stalking to beatings and rape. Four experts will look at relationship violence on campuses, how to recognize danger signs and get help.

The four panelists will be:

  • Jaclyn Friedman ’93, a performer and co-editor of Yes Means Yes! Visions of Female Sexual Power and a World Without Rape (check out her recent article on the topic and the Yes Means Yes blog)
  • Connie J. Kirkland, director of sexual assault services at George Mason University in Virginia and a national expert on campus stalking
  • Janet Peckinpaugh, a broadcast journalist who has been a victim of stalking and domestic violence
  • Claire Potter, professor of American studies here at Wesleyan University, whose research includes the study of violence against women

The panel will be moderated by Laurie Perez, of FOX News CT.

Don’t let the scare tactics in the title throw you off. I think this is going to be a really interesting opportunity to hear different perspectives on violence on college campuses, of which there are, unfortunately, far too many examples. The effectiveness of our university’s sexual assault prevention and response policies have been called into question by students and alumni as of late, and it’s worth it as members of this community to weigh in. Changes in administrative policy would affect huge numbers of our campus’ population. That’s just my two cents.

Date: TOMORROW, Tuesday April 27
Time: 6 – 7:15 pm
Place: Beckham Hall

Fox News (In a Sad Attempt) Tries to Burn Obama

In the latest Fox News report, it tried to embarrass Obama for saying “Wellesley-an” in his commencement speech today. They seem to acknowledge it was a joke, and they also add that Senior Class President Rashida Richardson made the same joke in her speech. However, they are pissed that it wasn’t caught on tape (except by our own staff member, Beau “Spazeboy” Anderson), and seem to forget that they actually made the mistake of getting us confused with Hilary Clinton’s alma matter, Wellesley.

Bill O’Reilly Dance Remix

A video has been making waves across the Internet this week of Bill O’Reilly, everybody’s favorite conserva-pundit, flipping out over a teleprompter malfunction. This is the remix!