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Thomas, Bays ’97 to give birth to new show

There are more appropriate pictures for this post. But there are none more legendary than this.

Jessica Jordan ’13, one of the two brave souls who spent freshmen year giving How I Met Your Mother creators Carter Bays ’97 and Craig Thomas ’97 attentions, sent in the following tip yesterday that might well titillate the knees of HIMYM fans:

Carter Bays just tweeted a couple of hours ago that Fox picked up a pilot by the HIMYM creators. When I interviewed Bays a couple of years ago he mentioned that they had just got done finishing up a pilot they wanted to pitch. I have no idea if this is the same one or not, but it’s awesome to know they’ll still be writing for TV in the coming years, especially since it is speculated that HIMYM will end May of 2013.

The show is called Goodwin Games, and it is said to revolve around three siblings who reconnect after the death of their father. Ugly Betty alum Becki Newton is set to be on board. Click here for source info.

I don’t know about you, but man – I am ready for HIMYM to wrap up. I remember watching and wishing for the mother since high school, dammit. HIGH SCHOOL. Do you know old that makes me feel? Curse you ThomBays. Curse your souls.

Blue Sky Studios Donating Animation Computers To Wesleyan

Last week, Connecticut Governor M. Jodi Rell announced that the fine people at Blue Sky Studios are donating animation equipment to University of Connecticut and Wesleyan.  The high-speed animation computers are racks with 104 CPUs each. Each rack is valued at about $35,000 and Wesleyan is getting 4(!) of them (UConn is getting 2 4 racks total). From the articles I’ve seen, the computers will be going to the Computer Science department (on a personal note… awesome!!! ).

Blue Sky (a wholly owned subsidiary of Fox Filmed Entertainment) has produced Ice Age, Robots, Ice Age, Horton Hears a Who, and Ice Age (in theaters now). The company recently relocated from New York to Greenwich and is apparently doing the whole company-giving-back-to-the-not-so-local-community thing (good for them… and us!).

Seeing how there are no Computer Science graphics or animation courses currently scheduled, we’ll have to wait to see how the computers will be used for courses – I imagine they will want to put the computers to use as soon as possible. We’ll also see if they are used in the film department’s animation course.

If I hear anything from the Comp Sci (or Film?) department, an update will come. For now though, here is some optional reading (isn’t the summer such an exciting time of year?):
UConn’s President’s Blog

[Thanks to Google News and the sidebar for the tip]

[Edit: Comment #6 points out that UConn’s drama and CS are getting 2 EACH. So 4 total. Fixed.]

Fox Does Wes

Hunter King ’08 said he spotted Wes on the local Fox News tonight about the new scholarships for Veterans. There’s also an article with quotes from Eugene Wong ’09, president of Wesleyan Republicans, and Izaak Orlansky ’08.

"Fair & Balanced"

Middle School Gives Students Birth Control Pill

Shocking headline, I know, but Fox’s clearly unbiased representative – Father Jonathan Morris – presents you with all the facts you need to know to make your decision. Like, the fact that… well, actually he doesn’t mention that the school district has already seen 17 pregnancies in its 3 middle schools. That kind of journalistic crap is left to the Associated Press. But boy, he sure does hate socialism and the radical agenda of Planned Parenthood:

“Mr. Verrier’s idea of a trusted adult is based on socialist principles. He has blind faith in the state. We can only assume he has absolute confidence that the trusted adult in question will also make sure his eleven-year-old daughter never misses a day on the pill. He has equal confidence that the trusted adult will help his little girl make “wise” choices about which guys to sleep with. After all, in this twilight zone where it takes a village to raise a child, only the state knows the confidential fact that the little girl is having sex and taking pills.”

My guess is that Father Morris’ religion is also based on socialist principles, but hey, at least his blind faith is in the right place.

Planned Parenthood has convinced public school bureaucrats and some parents that more contraception in schools means less teen “pregnancy” (meaning teen “births”), and this is all that matters. They fail to say that more contraception also means more promiscuity (What happens when a teacher gives an adolescent male a handful of colored condoms?), and that more promiscuity always translates into more abortion. They don’t bother to do this kind of math, because in their twilight zone, not all numbers (human beings) have the same value.”

Indeed, what does happen when a teacher gives an adolescent male a handful of colored condoms? Promiscuity, of course. Boy, what a crazy day that was when my fifty-something school guidance counselor handed out some condoms in Sex Ed class. Promiscuity everywhere.

I wonder if Fox even realizes that it’s unintentionally satirizing itself?