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Edan & Paten Locke / Bones Complex / The Freestyle Collective @ Psi U

This shit is poppin’ off. You would be remiss to miss it. (Battle of the Bands should be over by the time Edan takes the stage, so bring your prefrosh to both, yo.) From the one and only Bones emcee ZachG ’13:

EDAN is known for his unlikely take on hip-hop culture, where traditional rap songs are often skewed by 60’s rock samples, tape echoes, and foreign language choruses, not to mention the off-beat humor and surrealist imagery incorporated via his lyrics. His latest mega-mix, entitled ‘Echo Party’, is an astounding pastiche of dance, rap, and punk that utilizes everything from turntables to tape echo, glockenspiel to guitar, and moog to kazoo. Edan’s previous effort, Beauty And The Beat, drew worldwide acclaim. Despite being off the beaten track musically Edan blends these influences perfectly into something new. Rock-based psychedelia married with some of the pillars of hip-hop and whatever’s taking his fancy at the time… On stage, his repertoire includes cutting up records such as Thin Lizzy’s ‘Johnny the Fox’ while spitting his verse over it in good time, not to mention simultaneously stepping on a delay pedal for the sake of added texture…