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Nightmare on High Street: The Beta Chronicles

If you’ve checked your Wesleyan email in the past 24 hours, you’ve surely seen an alert from P-Safe Director Dave Meyer and Student Affairs VP Mike Whaley regarding recent reports of sexual assault at Beta. Details are blurry and scarce, but the Middletown Police have been involved, and we are led to believe that this is not a single isolated incident. Regardless, the email affirms that the administration will not hesitate to “pursue campus judicial charges against any students who may have been involved” and “continue to do all [it] can to support those who brought these reports to our attention.” (Over at Tenured Radical, an outspoken Wesleyan Professor of History and American Studies, who prefers to remain nameless on hir blog, takes a self-empowerment stance on the issue, listing ten positive students can take to prevent rape and sexual assault on campus.)

And, perhaps not altogether surprisingly, the University is taking the opportunity to remind us to study hard, eat our vegetables, and—you know—stay the hell away from Beta, because goodness knows what goes on in that place. From Meyer and Whaley’s all-campus email: