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What name do a nineteenth-century novela twentieth-century geographical formation, and a twenty-first century band share? Yeah, it’s time for a a shout-out to BEJEWELED ARCHIPELAGO!?!!… wait, shit, I mean Treasure Island.

To clear up all the confusion/misplaced hate out there, Treasure Island is Faith Harding ’14, Dema Paxton-Fofang ’13, Jason Katzenstein ’13, and Tobias Butler ’13.

The band, memorialized amidst all the ACB vitriol with the parenthetical “havent played in a while but good” are back on the live scene with a gig at tonight’s Battle of the Bands at Eclectic, where they will be playing alongside The AppledaughtersGrand CousinLyons DenPeace Museum, and Static Stamina.

In case you’re trying to catch them in the daylight, they’ll also be on Saturday afternoon in the WestCo courtyard for Zonker Harris Day with North Paw, Yeoman’s Omen, Grand Cousin, Featherwood Bee, and Tan Lines.

And for the really anti-social among us, they’ve also got their new single “College” available for download. Scoop it here.

Beat of the Street: Static Staminest Returns for WesFest

After fuming over the Battle of the Bands lineup for tomorrow and muttering something under your breath about Eclectic, you’re probably trying to scrounge up as much information as you can on just who these acts are before you check them out live. The CIA is working on throwing darts at a map of the Middle East dossiers for the other performers, but we already have some details on the latest (like, yesterday) release by competitors Static Stamina, thanks tobandleader Will F. ’13. Turns out they were promoting their first single in a year-ish, “Beat of the Street“, themselves, with members even posting links to the track on facebook. More on the shocking developments:

“This is a song about the importance of real hip hop.”
“The bridge is inspired by Schoolboy Q’s “Hands on the Wheel.”
In addition, the song features Dema Paxton Fofang ’13 and Mara Connor ‘TCEX [Ed.: 12-college exchange. Oh snap!] on guest vocals.
Static Stamina’s lineup:
Me, Danny ’13, Stefan ’13, Jason Katzenstein ’13, Adrien ’13, Molly ’14, Kevin Curtin ’13, Jacob ’13, Nicole ’13, Hannah Vogel ’13, Max Bevilacqua ’12, Sam Ebb ’13

Static Stamina, undeniably the only real hip hop band on campus, plays BotB tomorrow night at Eclectic with The Appledaughters, Grand Cousin, Lyons Den, Peace Museum, and Treasure Island for a shot at opening Spring Fling (featuring these guys!).


Austen Fiora ’12 brings us some real shit, which is appropriate, because he’s totally some real shit:

When was the last time you got in the pit and tried to love someone?
This Friday in the Cafe, four bands will be trashin.

Hoax (Western Massachusetts) A new EP on Youth Attack! confirms
mysterious-guy status. Dark, paranoid woods hardcore.

Crazy Spirit (NYC) Totally deranged, weirdo riffing. On tour with

Iron Hand (CT) These guys have been putting in work, dropping two 7″s
since their last show at Wesleyan. Straight-ahead but distinctive
crushing, melodic D-beat.

Heavy Breath (CT) “Stoner hardcore” comes to mind. Like Blacklisted
and Refused hit the bong and got groovy.

Date: Saturday, April 7 Freaking Friday, April 6. I’m an idiot. So are you.
Time: 10:00 pm – 12:00 am
Place: Well-Being House Well-Meaning WestCo
Cost: Go fuck yourself

Bastille Drops Intimacy- and Sexuality-Themed Track, Irking Some Social Conservatives

Just in time for bar night, Mullman ’12 and Julien Benichou have dropped a deuce on the Wesleyan electronic scene. (Wait, that probably didn’t sound too nice.) Bastille‘s latest, “One Night Love Affair“,  has only the most bass of intentions – to produce dancing wherever it may be played. Credit where it’s due, folks: you’ve probably made out to these guys more than once. Click the huge-ass condom above and score some free tunes!

There’s also a video. I’ll be real for a sec, though – this looks more like a temporary thing than a love affair, IMO. I put my money on the couple below breaking up because they only ever get to see each other at loading docks:

More fucking stuff after the jump.

New Single From WesBand Speedy Ortiz

A WesBand you haven’t heard (of)? At least, I haven’t. In support of musical diversification at Wes, Daniel Ferm ’12 writes in:

We’re Speedy Ortiz. We’re from Northampton and Connecticut. I, Daniel Ferm, am the only one in the band from Wesleyan. We play lots of shows in New England and New York, and we played a show here in March in a house. We just got signed by Exploding in Sound Records. We are Speedy. Take a listen to our latest single.

Men with Bad Manners Plant “Seed Sankara!”

The reggae album of the year is upon us!

Men with Bad Manners, featuring all of Wesleyan’s greatest musicians, has released its debut album, Seed Sankara. Not only is the music stupendous (produced by Buru Style’s Andrew Fogliano ’10), but it’s also for a great cause. MWBM includes Immanuel Lokwei ’12, Howe Pearson ’12, Matt Hurwit ’12, and Jesse Humm ’12.

Your support will help the Kapseret Soccer Club and Long Mouth Social Forum promote social dialogue, peaceful coexistence, and the revaluation of artistic creations in ethnically torn parts of rural Kenya.

Buy the album on Bandcamp or download hit single “Town Cow Skank” for free.

Crookhanks changes name to Crook$hanks for second monthly mix

Right now, I’m saying “party rapper Crank$haft was sick last night. :(” But after tonight, you’ll be saying, “party rapper Crank$haft was sick last night!” Am I right?!

That’s right, folks – the Croak$hocks mix for the month of February has finally dropped. I haven’t listened to it yet, but people who did have been  quoted saying “This is HUGE”. What can you do about it? Listen! Download! Listen to more Crack$hack, like the January mix!

Like tracks?  Enjoy lists? Do you like to concatenate strings representing things you appreciate? Click through the jump for the output of the above function!

Rest Assured: Lioness “Will Usher in the Dawn.” [BandCampWes]

Sometimes, oppression wins. With the postponement of tonight’s Big Freedia concert and bounce workshop, the invisible fecal-oral hand of capitalism has moved against the rational self-interest of man, and times are dark for the vaunted halls of 200 High Street. But Night is darkest just before the Dawn, and we have found over the last week that even in the dark night of Wesleyan without Big Freedia, we can find solace, and stoke the fires of Revolution, with the music of Lioness. From noted essayist Emma Goldman:

Lioness, the great leaven of thought, is today permeating every phase of human endeavor.  Science, art, literature, the drama, the effort for economic betterment, in fact every individual and social opposition to the existing disorder of things, is illumined by the spiritual light of Lioness.  It is the philosophy of the sovereignty of the individual.  It is the theory of social harmony.  It is the great, surging, living truth that is reconstructing the world, and that will usher in the Dawn.

Rest assured: Lioness has finally released “Rest Assured.” It comes at no price, directly confronting the economic paradigm of capitalism and the oppression of the state. As we should be free to associate with each other, we are free to associate with this Lioness Music Song.

Of course, some business must be discussed. As the Spring Semester has brought back many of the Class of 2013 from nation-states across the globe, Dylan Bostick ’13, whose role as Electric Lute-man was taken by Adrien DeFontaine ’13, has returned and become the Electric Lute-man once more.  Yet in the spirit of true Democracy, free from the tyranny of Government,  Lioness fulfills the potential of society and the individual with drawing the assistance of DeFontaine in the mixing of this free, post-capitalist track. Workers of the world, unite!

To watch the band first put on their Ruby Shoes (of Liberty), see here. For more of Emma Goldman’s essay “Lioness: What It Really Stands For,” see here. To learn how to win the hearts and minds of the people, see here.

“Sleep On It” – Evan Okun ’13’s New Mixtape

Above is the album artwork of “Sleep On It,” a concept-album by the illustrious Evan Okun ’13 (who sometimes goes by E. Oks). Click here or click the artwork itself for a free download of the mixtape. Evan is a member of WeSlam, leader of Writers’ Bloc, founder of The Freestyle Collective here at Wes, and a big fan of Lois Lowry’s masterpiece The Giver. About the album in Evan’s words:

The record examines the futility of the braggadocios rap which dominates the air-waves by juxtaposing such egoistic tendencies with the reality that we are merely passing phenomena, destined to dissolve into the universe from which we came. Evaporate into this.

SoundCloudWes: Sly Ones ’12 Makes it Drip

“dripmode. yung joc. lil wayne. slimepunk. moist. nasty. wet. future. dripset. trap. bass. rap. drippy. weird. 8bit. C¥BERGIGA. sex. narcotics.” – Oscar Wilde

As Music Mu-Thursday (Thurthday Thoundth?) rolls on, I thought it was about time I got back into the Wesleying family  business and posted some new sounds from the music scene. C¥BERGIGA, who goes by the alias “Sam Lyons ’12” for many of his nonmusical pursuits, has been posting tracks to his SoundCloud for about a year now, and recently the aural assault has zeroed in on DRIPMODE, the wet, damp, and…wet bloop-based sound of three of his newest tracks.  Rave fucking reviews: “Im soaked”. “super soaked”. “DAYUUUUM!”. “im drenched”. Jeauh. Jeauh. SNES-, Atari-, and Game Boy-generated pixels abound.

If #dripmode seems like #yourmode, support the endeavor and give Drip Sex Funeral, some DRIPS AND BLIPS, and/or N0twerking a listen and a free download (!). Check out some of my personal favorites from a few months back after the jump.