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Legal Chalk-In: A Political and Artistic Success


After Homecoming weekend’s attempt to chalk peacefully ended in a much-talked-about altercation, Wesleyan students tried once more to get their voices heard… er, seen. On Friday, October 26th, a group of students organized a massive legal chalk-in on Church Street in front of Exley Science Center. The event’s legality was its key component: the sidewalks outside of Exley are owned by the city and not the university, and students had made proper contacts with the city government to confirm that chalking students would not receive punitive action.

Starting mid-afternoon, students were marking up the sidewalks with crates of chalk provided by the UOC. The operation centered around the main Exley entrance, but student designs quickly filled sidewalks up to the intersection of Church and Pine, down past Shanklin Hall, and the sidewalks in front of Olin on the opposite side of the street.

What was on the sidewalks? Photos, videos, and more after the jump…