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Spring Break Hours: Sustenance & More!

so ~springy~ amirite??? (photo courtesy of Bowen He ’21)

Despite what the layers of ice and snow blanketing the campus may signal, it is indeed spring break! Some of you may be jetting (or ride-begging) off into warmer climes, but for those staying in this wintry wasteland on campus, you’ll need sustenance (even if you’re planning on hibernating through long stretches of break).

Lucky for you, we’ve outlined below what’s going to be open and what’s going to be closed and at what times the open things will be open. Just look for the place you want to eat at and then check the hours.  Hint: if the place is not Weshop it probably won’t be open.  If you feel like you need to see this information in chart form you can do so on the websites of each place here: (Bon AppetitWesWings & Red and BlackLibraries).

Unofficial Orientation Series: Athletics/Athlete Life

Some of you frosh probably don’t know that WesTech competes in the prestigious NESCAC—the most competitive D3 conference in the country. Despite the throngs of news outlets that flock to many of our sports games, you will never have to enter a lottery system or wait in a line overnight to obtain tickets. We also aren’t like these fans, and we never will be.

That’s okay. Do not believe the naysayers who claim that Wesleyan students do not support or appreciate athletics. Not only do we have the most watched baseball games in the NESCAC; last fall we hosted the ‘CAC’s first night football game and had over 5,000 students, alumni, and Middletown residents attend, shattering all previous attendance records.

Whether you’re attempting to relive your high school glory days, looking to get or stay fit, or trying out a new sport, Wesleyan has what you are looking for!

Wesleyan Wrestling: Wesleyan vs. Wilkes College and Rhode Island College

Nick Treuer ’14 invites you to see men wrestle:

Come to the Bacon Field House in the Freeman Athletic Center this Saturday to watch your cardinals go to battle against nationally ranked foe Wilkes College and conference rival Rhode Island College. Action starts at 1 p.m. in the Bacon Field House against Wilkes.Wesleyan takes on Rhode Island College at 4:30 p.m.

Date: Today, December 8th
Time: 1pm, 4:30pm
Place: Bacon Field House

Allegations of Public Safety Misconduct Emerge after Incident at Freeman

As issues of race and diversity come to a head on campus, a disturbing account of a Public Safety assault on a student has emerged. As you may be aware, Paulie Lowther  ’13 was found at the Freeman Athletic Center on Tuesday, October 30, and charged with criminal trespass and breach of peace. After being released from custody, Lowther, who is African-American, was diagnosed with a concussion.

Accounts of what transpired during the encounter vary.

According to the Hartford Courant, which sources its information from the police report, “Lowther tried to run away from public safety officers when found at 12:10 a.m.” Police say he appeared drunk when taken into custody. (Lowther says he was under the legal limit.) Public Safety claims he refused to identify himself and fled when found.

Wesleying Editor Zach Schonfeld ’13 visited Lowther’s house on Fountain earlier this week to get his side of the story.

According to Lowther, he was invited to a pool party in Freeman on the night of Tuesday, October 30th, which was during Hurricane Sandy.  He entered through the side door, which had been propped open by the organizers of the party. When he arrived, other students were in the pool. Before joining them, he got in the sauna.

When in the sauna, “[he] heard a bunch of people yell ‘P-Safe’ and a lot of running.” He decided to not run. A female Public Safety officer arrived. Staying in the sauna, he told her his Wes ID number and that he was a student. The officer “said it didn’t match anything on file,” according to Lowther.

Wes Jam: Student/Faculty Baketball Showdown

From Lucy Britt ’14 comes the most bodacious event flier I’ve seen this side of Brendan O’Connell ’08’s Wesleyan Poster Archive:

A showdown for the ages between legends. One game. Eternal glory. Roth. Odede. Who shatters the backboard first? One way to find out.

Come see Michael Roth ’78 face off against a Kennedy Odede ’12-coached student team in the year’s biggest basketball showdown.

Wesleyan Ryukyu Kempo Class

Max Shafer-Landau ’14 writes:

Wanna set that first foot down on the path to badassery? Well luckily for you, that’s what we specialize in at our twice weekly Ryukyu Kempo meetings. Think karate and then cooler. “Oh my god!” you’re probably squealing, “How can anything be cooler than karate?!” Well, we add in pressure points (if you’re good, we’ll teach you how to make someone poop themselves with just one finger), joint locks and breaks, and an instructor who’s not just tall and dark, but handsome as well! This class is great both if you’re a fighting noobie or an experienced martial artist. Additionally, Ryukyu Kempo emphasizes finesse over brawn, so ladies, you’ll finally get to learn how to take down a linebacker one on one without resorting to a swift kick to the balls (those are the two pressure points we don’t mess with in class).

  • WHO?: All the cool kids.
  • WHEN?: Every Monday and Thursday from 8-9 pm.
  • WHERE?: Freeman Wrestling / Multi-Purpose Room
  • HOW MUCH?: $90 for the semester, $50 for half-charged to your student account, free for those who would like to attend just a couple classes.

Join the Wesleyan Cheerleading Squad

The Wesleyan Cheerleading Squad is looking for new members! We attend games, plays, and any other type of events going on around campus (we don’t “cheerlead” at every event…we mostly attend events in uniform in order to lend support to those who want it!!) We are looking for students of all ages and genders- no experience required AT ALL (there are no tryouts)! Contact Vanessa Castello ’15 at vcastello[at]wesleyan[dot]edu or Maggie Feldman-Piltch ’14 at mfeldmanpilt[at]wesleyan[dot]edu if you are interested.

Date: Feb. 7
4:30 PM – 6:30 PM
Freeman Athletic Center