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Wrestling Captures NEWA Championships Title With 3 Individual Winners

VICTORIOUS. The Wesleyan wrestling team muscled its way to its second (ever) NEWA Championship title this weekend, boasting three individual weight class champions Kyle Roosa ’13 at 174 pounds, Jefferson Ajayi ’13 at 184, and Luke Erickson ’12 at 197. Wesleyan scored 126 team points to narrowly defeat the 10-time defending NEWA champ Springfield by only 0.5 points.

This is athletically historic, as the last Wesleyan NEWA championship was back in 1984, and not since 1982 have there been three Wesleyan individual weight class champions. Gideon Levy ’13 notes, “because our victory was by half a point, the lowest possible to win, the margin of error was small, making it a true team effort.” Joey Schwartz ’14 writes about the importance of the team as a unit:

“In our championship yesterday one single person cannot be distinguished for carrying the team to victory. It took a collective team effort and everybody (even the guys who didn’t wrestle) put in the time, in and out of season, with hard work and dedication and a mind set towards one goal— to win a new england championship. Finally, at the end of the season, reaching this goal and having contributed greatly to the cause is a beyond awesome feeling and I wouldn’t rather be anywhere else than on the Wesleyan Cardinal wrestling team this season. We have made history and its pretty damn sweet that I can say I was a part of that.”

Wesleyan Ryukyu Kempo Class

Max Shafer-Landau ’14 writes:

Wanna set that first foot down on the path to badassery? Well luckily for you, that’s what we specialize in at our twice weekly Ryukyu Kempo meetings. Think karate and then cooler. “Oh my god!” you’re probably squealing, “How can anything be cooler than karate?!” Well, we add in pressure points (if you’re good, we’ll teach you how to make someone poop themselves with just one finger), joint locks and breaks, and an instructor who’s not just tall and dark, but handsome as well! This class is great both if you’re a fighting noobie or an experienced martial artist. Additionally, Ryukyu Kempo emphasizes finesse over brawn, so ladies, you’ll finally get to learn how to take down a linebacker one on one without resorting to a swift kick to the balls (those are the two pressure points we don’t mess with in class).

  • WHO?: All the cool kids.
  • WHEN?: Every Monday and Thursday from 8-9 pm.
  • WHERE?: Freeman Wrestling / Multi-Purpose Room
  • HOW MUCH?: $90 for the semester, $50 for half-charged to your student account, free for those who would like to attend just a couple classes.