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The Wesleyan Recipe Zine: A Call for Submissions

Aviva Markowitz ’12 writes in with a delicious way to prove to everyone that, yes, you can cook. (Look at it as a chance to prove to all your friends that hot pocket/gummy worm sandwiches were only a one time six-and-a-half-time thing). Friends with Knives, a Wesleyan recipe zine, is sending out the call for all of your (mom’s) favorite recipes:

Do you have a favorite recipe? Do you cook something that your friends always want? Are you dying to be published but don’t write poetry?

We want your recipes so we can share it with the campus! And then we can all learn to cook it!

Please send your recipe submissions to amarkowitz(at)wesleyan(dot)edu before May 1st. Then they will be compiled with two parts sugar, illustrated with a dash of salt, and printed hot and ready before Foodstock.

Due: May 1
Place: over the interwebs
Contact: amarkowitz(at)wesleyan(dot)edu