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Love in the Time of Coronavirus: Submission Request

Coronavirus is rapidly changing society as we know it, and we at Wesleying want to know how it’s specifically impacting your relationships with those you love. Fill out this form and tell us about any and all of the changes that are happening between you and your significant other, parents, friends, siblings, hookups, teachers, pets, beloved inanimate objects, and everything in between. Your story will be part of an upcoming article!

Unofficial Orientation Series 2016: Official Orientation 101


Congratulations! You have made it through the rigors of Unofficial Orientation with your good friends here at Wesleying! Now, for your final challenge before you are officially Wesleyan students: ~Official~ Orientation.

Orientation is a wild time. You are left to your own devices without classes/activities/parents to structure your time. There are “mandatory,” highly-recommended, and optional sessions. There are the parties you hear about people going to, but have no idea how to find. There are those first awkward meals with your hallmates/roommates. There are the nights when you curl up in bed with a picture of your best friends from high school and wonder why you didn’t just follow them to college.

Our goal today is to teach you everything you need to know in order to make the most out of your orientation experience and start the year off on a good foot!

Second Stage Presents: Gruesome Playground Injuries

gruesome playground injuries

Second Stage always seems to know what you want to do with your weekend.  From Brett Keating ’15:

Come see Rajiv Joseph’s darkly comedic study of friendship and compassion in this love story written in the scars.

Tickets are available for free at the Wesleyan box office on the day of the performance. Shows are expected to sell out, so get them early.

Starring: Willa Beckman ’15, Reiss Clauson-Wolf ’13, Ali Goldberg ’15Sara Guernsey ’15, Philip Halin ’15, Mark Popinchalk ’13, Linsin Smith ’16, and Richie Starzec ’14.

Written by Rajiv Joseph
Directed by Brett Keating ’15
Stage managed by Sam Melvin ’13

Please note: This production contains sensitive material relating to self-harm.

Date: Thursday, February 21st – Saturday, February 23rd
Time: 8 p.m.
Place: ’92 Theater
Cost: Free while supplies last!

Let It Be: The Bea’les Take WestCo

OH MY GOODNESS!  The Bea’les will be performing Let It Be in its entirety in the Westco Courtyard this Sunday at 2:30 pm.

With Matt Hurwit ’12, Jordan Lewis ’13, John Ryan ’14, Sam Long ’12, and Howe Pearson ’12. Featuring Abaye Steinmetz-Silber ’12 as Billy Preston.  Bring your prefrosh, dig for treasure!

Date: Sunday, April 15
Time: 2:30 pm – 3:30 pm
Place: WestCo Courtyard
Cost: free as folk

For past Bea’les performances, see Revolver and Sgt. Pepper’s. (According to this old post, they played Abbey Road at WesFest 2008. Time, how it flies.)

Men with Bad Manners Plant “Seed Sankara!”

The reggae album of the year is upon us!

Men with Bad Manners, featuring all of Wesleyan’s greatest musicians, has released its debut album, Seed Sankara. Not only is the music stupendous (produced by Buru Style’s Andrew Fogliano ’10), but it’s also for a great cause. MWBM includes Immanuel Lokwei ’12, Howe Pearson ’12, Matt Hurwit ’12, and Jesse Humm ’12.

Your support will help the Kapseret Soccer Club and Long Mouth Social Forum promote social dialogue, peaceful coexistence, and the revaluation of artistic creations in ethnically torn parts of rural Kenya.

Buy the album on Bandcamp or download hit single “Town Cow Skank” for free.

Green Street Wants You

Looking for a new on-campus job? Like working with kids? Want to make a difference in the Middletown Community? Come work at the Green Street Arts Center!

But really, how can you say no to this face?

the face that launched 1000 friendships

Green Street is a non-profit afterschool center run by Wesleyan for students of Middletown public schools. We are looking for energetic, dedicated and creative staff for the spring semester. Work-study and non-work study students are welcome. Open positions include teaching artists, tutors, and support staff. If you’re interested, send a cover letter to greenst(at)wesleyan(dot)edu and fill out the online application here!

Participate in Friendship Survey Study and receive $5!

Dear students,

We (Rodriguez Mosquera Lab in Psychology Department) are looking for students who can participate in our study on friendship. Each participant will be paid $5 for completing a 30-minute survey in Judd Hall. To participate, you and your friend (of the same biological sex) must sign up for the study as a pair, but you don’t need to come to the study together.

If you are interested, please contact (and have your friend also contact) friendstudy2010(friends!)gmail(friends!)com.

Rodriguez Mosquera Lab in Department of Psychology
Research Assistant
Feifei Wu

Date: Now – Nov. 10
Time: Any time is the best time to be friends!
Place: Judd Hall
Cost: $-5

Friendship pays…literally! Kooloolimpah!

P-Safe, Freshman Class’s New Best Friend

Public Safety has begun to implement its new Adopt-a-Dorm initiative this semester, in which one P-Safe officer will be assigned to each freshman dorm in an effort to “foster closer relationships between students and officers”:

“It’s a program where we would interact with students on a friendly basis to help with crime prevention and fire safety, and be more involved to stay on a positive note,” said Public Safety Officer Thomas Harrington. “I consider myself approachable. This uniform is just something I wear to work.”

The intentions of the program are not to catch students in the act of violating policy, but, like any University official, if [Public Safety officers] notice a policy violation, they are obligated to confront it,” wrote Associate Director of Residential Life Maureen Isleib in an e-mail. Hopefully, improved relationships will allow students to feel more willing to approach officers if they encounter a problem.

The Adopt-A-Dorm program will also offer activities such as poster-making contests to get students involved in safety and crime prevention. Officer Harrington has already memorized the names of many residents and RAs in his designated building, Butterfield A.

“I think it’s a good idea,” said Jessica Bowen ’11. “It takes away the idea of PSafe as an ‘other.’

Oh, if only I had one P-Safe Friend to make posters with during my freshman year, instead of being repeatedly “othered” by various different officers when busted for egregious noise violations and other bad decisions.

Argus: Public safety program seeks to improve relations

Roth Blogs About Obama

From the Roth Blog:

Senator Obama’s speech to our graduates this Sunday is an act of friendship, and friendship is one of the defining features of our Commencement. The graduate students who have finished their degrees and the class of 2008 will be leaving Middletown on Sunday afternoon, but they will be taking with them relationships that will last a lifetime. As I meet with alumni across the country, a common thread in their description of why Wesleyan is important to them is that they developed relationships here which last a lifetime. The devotion to alma mater is also a devotion to the friendships forged in study, or in sports, in the arts, or in civic engagement.

We will see that devotion in these days leading up to commencement. Alumni from more than fifty years ago, and alumni from our most recent classes are coming back on campus for the weekend. My own class, 1978, will be celebrating our 30th reunion, and I look forward to seeing many friends as they re-discover their old homes, dorms and classrooms.

Senator Obama’s willingness to “stand in his friend’s place” on Sunday is not a campaign event but a poignant expression of friendship. There will be many other such expressions occurring all over campus as we welcome a new group of Wesleyan grads into the alumni family.

Also, this final allusion to security issues at the ceremony:

P.S. Please remember that Commencement is not a grand public occasion but the culmination of the Wesleyan experience for the graduates and their families.

…Aww. What a feel good entry. (Especially after his most recent posts about Fountain.)