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This Frosh Definitely Knows More About Dinosaurs Than You Do

“I also came into contact with human brains and whole pelicans stuffed in jars with preservatives.”

In all our excitement over move-in day and Common Moment, we totally spaced on this heartwarming New York Daily News profile on Ryan Moyé ’16, a newly arrived frosh from Harlem who has spent two years working at the American Museum of Natural History, taking four advanced-level courses and producing a research paper. This summer, Moyé took home the museum’s first-ever Science Scholar Award, winning a $30,000 scholarship. His expertise? Dinosaurs.

“I went hardcore into sciences and math in my junior year,” said Moyé, who won the award for his computer-aided comparisons of the complex skull shapes of prehistoric reptiles called crurotarsans, which are ancestors of crocodiles.

Not all of Moyé role models in the museum were fossilized, however:

To stay afloat in the sea of bones and research, Moyé got help from a mentor, Stephen Brusatte.

A graduate student under Mark Norell, the museum’s paleontology chairman and curator, Brusatte says he was impressed by Moyé’s perseverance. Together, they charted the evolving shape and size of the prehistoric skulls.

Wesleying caught up Moyé, who just turned 18 last week, for a brief interview about the museum, his impressions of Wes, and human brains in jars. Click past the jump for the full interview.

Move-In Day Speed Video: “Make Sure You Do Everything”

“I’m really undecided at the moment . . . “

We’ve been waiting for one of those classic Arrival-Day-in-two-minutes speed videos to pop up on the Wesleyan site, and finally it’s here. Thanks, Wesleyan videographer!

This one’s got it all: welcome packets, an impromptu “Go Wes!”, a multi-state license plate montage, families dragging luggage into Clark, frosh stating their place of origin (“It’s just outside Boston”), a family of Wes grads, and this piece of advice from an RA: “My first year I didn’t do anything. Make sure you do everything!” It’s only missing some shots of President Roth high-fiving the Wes cardinal, but this photo will have to do.

On a semi-related note, an anonymous student dropped this note in Wesleying’s tipbox: 

Photos: Common Moment, Dancers, Streakers

As usual, Common Moment, Feet to the Fire’s annual “collective expression about sustainability,” came to Andrus last night in a dizzying barrage of multicultural dance groups, percussive ensembles, and free t-shirts. This year, though, wide-eyed freshmen weren’t the only ones dancing across the field—there were also streakers, in the form of “four friends  who are probably a little too comfortable with each other who wanted to streak.” Here is a picture of four butts.

Prometheus, too, took to the stage with its trademark rings of fire. If you feel compelled to get in on the fire-spinning action, contact Matt Adelman ’13 [madelman@wes] or Jordan Gratch ’13 [jgratch@wes]. No previous experience necessary.

More Common Moment photos after the jump, courtesy of Rachel Pincus ’13. If you’re recovering from last night’s Bend It At Beckham, you may need them to jog your memory.

800 Incoming Freshmen Totally Miss Obama’s Reddit AMA

“Someone’s moving into Clark! As a former Clark 1st Floor resident, all I can say is: woo hoo!”

As you read this, approximately 800 members of the newly minted Class of 2016 are having their inauguratory hall meetings, stating their hometowns and preferred pronouns, and optimistically including sexile contingency plans in their roommate contracts. They can’t tell Fayerweather from Fauver Bennet, and they still can’t figure out which wall is best for that Big Lebowski poster, but they are endlessly excited to be here (and some of them look suspiciously familiar). Bienvenue, les enfants! We’re not all back on campus yet, but we’re all really pumped to meet you (and I’m sure the 85 or so international students already on campus would say the same thing). As President Roth noted on his blog this morning,

It’s a beautiful morning, and first-year students will see the campus looking its best as they meet their new roommates, find out how to get their food at Usdan, discover the newly renovated Butterfield dorms and the newly named Bennet Hall. Parents will be wondering (sometimes, with misty eyes) how quickly the time has passed since the first day of high school,  while their sons and daughters will often be wondering why their folks are lingering on the campus that now belongs to them. Not to worry: Homecoming/Family Weekend will be here before you know it!

If you’re a frosh, you can check out the Orientation 2012 handbook online here, featuring tried-and-true favorites like Common Moment, Bend It At Beckham, BiLeGaTas, and In The Company of Otters

Wesleying Unofficial Orientation Series: Dorm Living FAQ

Dear Frosh,

At this point in the summer, you are probably fretting over things like college. A sense of melancholy (or jittery excitement and increased WesAdmits activity, if you hated high school) has creeped up on you. Are you making lists of toiletries and getting boxes from Staples to pack your life into? Wondering how much action your soon-to-be bed has gotten in the past? A lot, probably.

But don’t be too frazzled—Samira and Lukeguy-walker are about to answer your 40ish most pressing questions related to waking-up-and-instantly-having-200-or-so-of-your-peers-to-hang-out-with.

First, this is the fifth Dorm Living FAQ post in the six years that Wesleying’s been doing them, which means that you (Frosh) are just as confused, eager, and enthusiastic as all the Frosh who’ve come before you. Second, it means we should exchange wood and daisies or something. Third, the pertinent FAQ doesn’t change much from year to year, so we tend to repost much of the original guide by Norse Goddess Holly-and-Xue ’08 (cuz it’s still damn good  and we’re still damn lazy). This re-vamped guide is up to date and full of Wesjargon:

WesGrub: Eating and Drinking Things on Campus

Our first installment! We at Wesleying are here to tell you all about stuffing your faces at Wesleyan as part of our Unofficial Orientation Series 2012. A tradition begun by the Wesleying legends Holly Wood ’08 and Xue Sun ’08, this post has evolved a bit over the years. I’m trying for brevity, so if these details aren’t enough for your Wes-crazed brains, then check out this post from 2011.

Everything after the jump:


Common Moment (Feet to the Fire‘s climax) is that thing last night where a billion freshmen dance in circles on Foss with ropes and tinfoil and also get free t-shirts and learn about environmental issues courtesy of Barry Chernoff while the Asphalt Orchestra goes nuts (seriously, guys) and Prometheus does its thing. ART AND SCIENCE COMBINNNNNEEEEE.  (Since 1831.)

As Professor Chernoff succinctly put it: “C’mon guys. This isn’t Amherst.”

2015: Triple the Fun

“The station wagons arrived at noon, a long shining line that coursed through the west campus. . . .” —DeLillo, White Noise

Hear that rumbling?

It’s the week of Bed, Bath & Beyond splurges and roommate “fridge 4 microwave” backroom dealings. In less than a week, the station wagons descend on Andrus and over 800 wide-eyed freshpersons swarm the vegan section. Next Wednesday, the biggest freshman class in Wesleyan history (817, at last count) arrives on campus. (International Student Orientation, if you’re keeping track, starts three days earlier, on the 28th.)

Meal Plan Advice to Frosh

College Cafeteria

The Meal Plan selection deadline of August 1st is fast approaching. The Wesleyan Student Assembly (WSA) wants to make sure you, as an incoming student, have as much information as possible so you can make an informed decision. We hope this letter will help you choose the Meal Plan best suited to your lifestyle.

Wesleyan offers four Meal Plan options for freshmen: Block 135 (the default plan), Block 165, Block 210, and Block 285. The overwhelming majority of freshmen choose Block 135: last spring, after frosh had a semester to figure out their dining habits, 83.4% of frosh selected the Block 135 plan.

The reason Block 135 is so popular is that it provides the most “points” of any Meal Plan. “Points,” unlike “Meals”, can be used at any dining location on campus including Pi Café, Weshop, WesWings , Usdan Café, and Red and Black Cafe. In comparison, “Meals” can only be used at the two traditional dining hall locations (Usdan Marketplace and Summerfields). All grab-and-go sandwiches, a la carte items, coffee, sushi, breakfast pastries, snacks, and groceries, plus all other items not sold at Usdan Marketplace or Summerfields, can only be purchased with “Points.” Also, while “points” roll-over from fall to spring semester—although not from year to year—leftover “meals” are wiped out at the end of every semester. For the greater flexibility afforded by more “points”, most students favor the Block 135 plan.

EDIT: WSA Fall Elections

–The WSA’s voting website has experienced a glitch causing every student’s class year to be entered as “2001.” We’re alerting our website’s tech support. Stay tuned for updates, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Voting is now open for the Fall 2010 Wesleyan Student Assembly Elections. There are 8 At-Large seats and 9 Frosh seats to be filled; only upperclassmen can vote in the former and only freshmen in the latter.

Also in this election is the annual WSA Survey, which is a crucial instrument for identifying student needs. Ever wanted to let the WSA know exactly what you think about campus issues? Here’s your chance.

The election will close Friday at midnight, so don’t wait – to vote, go to the WSA website.

(Note: if the voting website does not load, refresh your brower.)