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Burritos are back! Along with other changes…

Among other changes that our favorite Bon Appétiter, Delmar Crim, mentioned in his recent email to students is the return of burritos! Here’s to hoping they’re as good as the ones they had on Thursdays at the kosher station.

Apparently the servery at Usdan has been updated over break, with new stations added. Delmar says we’ll see:

  • A new Belgian Waffle station open during all dining periods.
  • A new salad bar and sandwich station, featuring “vegan cold salads, salad offerings, and make your own deli sandwich”.
  • The burrito station, which will also have “sizzlin’ salads and tacos”.

The Café place downstairs has reportedly also been revamped, and will now feature sandwiches, salads, entrées, New York-style pizza, and soups.

And though all meals are now all-you-can-eat for one fee, Delmar also mentions that we’ll only be able to take one piece of “hand fruit” with us when leaving the dining area. So watch out for the fruit police, or they may seize your extra banana. (Though if past observations are any indication, enforcement will be lax.)