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Well, no, actually. Fuck Yeah Nouns is apparently defunct, gone the way of GeoCities and Netscape Navigator and everything else you’ve ever loved, its mysterious algorithm somehow exhausted beyond repair. Try it. FUCK YEAH DIDN’T FIND SHIT. FUCK YEAH DIDN’T FIND SHIT. FUCK YEAH DIDN’T FIND SHIT.

So long to Wesleying’s most successful Procrastination Destination this side of Cute Roulette. Memo to MTown mayoral candidates: good luck at the debate tonight. I’m voting for whichever one of you promises to bring back Fuck Yeah Nouns.

Anyway. In the meantime, I am seduced by this PronunciationManual YouTube Channel, featuring such popular stumpers as Bon Iver, ephemeral, and milk.

Some of the best pronunciation videos take an appropriately academic theme: