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Scream your lungs out on the Olin steps at MIDNIGHT because finals start tomorrow!!!!

Indulge in this great Wes tradition by coming out of your bunkers in Olin and Sci-li to gather on the Olin steps and scream together about all our impending due dates and tests this week. You can also scream out your window, but there’s no communal energy in that.

Date: TONIGHT, MIDNIGHT (when Sunday turns into Monday)
Place: Olin steps

Zonker Harris Day in peril

Hey, so you know that post on the ACB that everyone assumed was a troll? The one about reslife threatening to cut funding for Zonker Harris Day if the name wasn’t changed? (Probably to something like, I don’t know, DIVERSITY DAY)

I just read an e-mail from one of the WestCo presidents who’s in change of ZHD and apparently it’s true. Don’t know the details yet. More coming.

EDIT: Thanks Anon–

ResLife looked at a wikipedia page outlining Zonker Harris (a character from Doonesbury) and his past drug use, and decided that giving ResLife funding for this would be a bad idea if the name were to stay the same. This really didn’t go over all that well, especially considering that Zonker Harris Day is mentioned in dozens of college search guides, and because the character hasn’t done drugs in probably fifteen years (in fact, the first time i realized what a huge drug reference Zonker used to be was a strip where he laments the fact that his plants don’t talk back to him anymore, to which one of the plants replies “it was the drugs, man.”) Psychedelic drug use is no longer associated with the name of the festival. The event named Zonker Harris Day is already synonymous with assorted drug shenanigans, and a name change won’t do anything to change that.

Edit Edit: anonymous said…

to the poster: you should really check for validity before posting anonymous details as fact. the anonymous comment explaining “what really happened” is very misinformed. i suggest you take it down from the post, as it will make wesleying look unreliable when the real story is made public.