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Brighter Dawns Gingerbread House Building Contest!

Come get in the holiday spirit of giving and show off your creativity this Saturday afternoon by participating in a Gingerbread House Building Contest, brought to you by Brighter Dawns and Bon Appetit!

Rally your friends together, form a team and email brighterdawnsATgmailDOTcom with your team name and the number of people in your team. It costs $4/person if you pre-register and $5/person if you show up and register on Saturday itself.

Winners will receive a gingerbread trophy, proceeds will go towards Brighter Dawns’ efforts at improving health and sanitation in Bangladesh and your beautiful gingerbread houses will be donated to Amazing Grace Food Pantry.

What: Gingerbread House Building Contest
When: Sat, Dec 4, 12 noon to 3pm
Where: Usdan lobby
Cost: $4/person if you pre-register, $5/person for walk-ins
Facebook event

Edit: Gingerbread and some decorative materials will be provided, but feel free to bring additional decorations if you’d like. Sorry for the confusion!

Wesleying Needs You

Anonymous commenters, shoutbox-ers, ACB-ers: You want Wesleying not to crash every Finals Week (or other sporadic moments throughout the year).  You want Wesleying to be more user friendly.  You want to be able to sort through posts easier.  You want aesthetic changes to be made quicker.  You want it? You got it — That is, of course, if you can help us make that happen. We gots no money! Our server contract ends this year, and we are hoping to upgrade so Wesleying.2011 can be better, faster, stronger.  With your fund$ we can:

  • renew our contract, stay online
  • upgrade our server! no more annoying 503s!
  • have some $$$ to make Wesleying even more user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing (although we know you all loved the “Wesleying: a website for students who go here to Wesleyan” banner, having some money would make our redesigns faster and more professional)
  • keep Wesleying 100% independent – We would like to remain completely financially independent and non-university affiliated (no SBC funds). Wesleying was created to be an independent student blog, and while it may only be symbolic, we’d like to have the independence to go on rants about the University like with the Tour de Franzia crackdown or the Fountain Avenue fiasco, or just post pictures of students in their underwear with Michael Roth’s face pasted on.

While Wesleying may not give you a sweet tote bag like NPR does, here are some reasons you should support us: Wesleying presents: Uncle Roth

  • because you love us? maybe?
  • you’re a student who reads Wesleying during lectures, in Olin, when you want to see the S&C menu, for fun Ye Olde Wesleyan posts, and because you need a Wesleyan internet aggregator to keep you informed of when WesCam is up and running, of the existence of WesBreasts and WesTacles…or you want to find out who is lecturing at CHUM.
  • you’re a rich alum or parent who’s too cool to want hir name on a building.  Wesleying keeps you updated on what’s going on better than any Wesleyan listserv.  Or you’re a poor alum with Cardinal spirit, an internet addiction, and $1 to spare.
  • For a forum where students, administrators, administrators posing as students and students posing as administrators can discuss campus policies and news.
  • For our dearly departed Sheek and Holly and Xue and so many others!

So if you are so inclined, make your donation to Wesleying’s PayPal account whether you’re a student, a parent, an alum, or just someone who googled “sex party.”  You can donate any amount you wish, and show some class pride by adding your class year in cents (i.e. Michael Roth ’78, donate $100.78!  Poor alum ’10, donate $1.10!).  At least join the facebook event and spread it to your friends.

With love,

All of us at Wesleying

[Thanks to David Shimomura ’13 for photoshopping the awesome ‘Uncle Roth’ image for me for this post.]

Download an Album, Help the Turkana People

Jesse Humm ’12 writes in with a great cause you can help by purchasing an album created by Wesleyan students:

With a lot of help from musicians Howe Pearson, Jesse Humm, Immanuel Lokwei, and Matt Hurwit have gotten the amazing opportunity to release an album that showcases the work of incredible Wesleyan musicians from Uganda to liberal arts colleges, from the bustling Big Apple to San Francisco. We’re offering this CD to all of you, whom we love so dearly, and need some support to help a worthwhile cause. All of the proceeds will benefit Kenyans of all ages from villages in Kenya called Kalemng’orok and Eldoret.

We will be:

1) Helping an orphanage called the Lewa’s Children’s Home, notable for helping the Chokora, a group of street children in the Elderot region: http://www.africanrelief.org/lewa.html
2) Constructing a Relief Center in one of the Most Hunger Stricken Places in Kenya
3) Creating a Youth Soccer Club

For more information please visit our blog at:

To download the album, go to http://musicianshelpinghands.bandcamp.com/

Please help us realize this vision by sending us your kind donations with two easy steps:
1) On the main page, click “Download Album,” and name your price (the album is available for free, too, if you want to listen to the music first!)
2) Enter your credit card information (all of the money will go directly into an account open for the cause), and a link to the music will be emailed to you!

If you have any questions PLEASE contact Howe Pearson ’12, Jesse Humm ’12, Immanel Lokwei ’12, Matt Hurwit ’12 or Sarah Vandermeer.

Bring Clothes From Your Home to “Our Home”

Please consider bringing back some clothes from home to donate to raise funds for a great cause:

Looking to do a little spring cleaning?  Bring any unwanted clothes back to campus to participate in a clothing swap whose proceeds will be donated to Amcha Ghar, an Indian non-profit dedicated to providing a safe home for young girls living in the red light districts of Mumbai. 

Amcha Ghar, which means Our Home, is a local Non Governmental Organization located in the farthest most suburb of Mumbai, India.  Its overall mission is to provide a safe home for orphaned or semi-orphaned girls from the streets of Mumbai and to get them off the streets, where many of them are or have been sexually exploited.  Women often bring their daughters to the organization when they feel they cannot adequately protect their daughters from street life.  Not only is Amcha Ghar a welcoming home for girls, but the organization’s founders Susheela Singh and Anthony Dias have also started a school for the girls as well as one for the community at large.  They strive to get the girls off the streets at an early age as well as educate them and in still in them a sense of self worth and confidence.  Many of the older girls have gone on to get jobs and assume positions of responsibility, providing them with the financial independence they need to succeed and decide their own fate.  Amcha Ghar is a strong example of the innovative nature of local initiatives on the ground.  It responded to a need – a home for semi-orphaned girls – and has grown to become a central institution in the community they serve.  They can take up to around 30 girls and unlike an orphanage; the organization is run as one big family.  The girls have responsibilities in the home, but receive the love, dedicate and care that they need to believe in themselves and their capabilities.    They also have an extension house for the older girls pursuing higher studies, enabling them to focus on their work and their goals.  This organization greatly depends on outside funding to sustain their invaluable work to the community. 

Any clothing you are willing to donate are appreciated.  The drop off boxes will be placed at strategic locations around campus to be disclosed at a later date. 

Thanks and we appreciate all of your help!

The Students of Soc. Forum 420

Eat Lunch at Puerto Vallarta to Support Habitat for Humanity!


Come help support Wesleyan University’s Habitat for Humanity by stopping at Puerto Vallarta between 11 and 3 pm this Saturday, October 17th for lunch.  Bring friends and 25% of ALL proceeds (both Wesleyan and non-Wesleyan people) made that afternoon will go towards Wesleyan’s Habitat for Humanity to fund one week long spring break trips!  Make this happen!  There will be prizes, trivia and more!  TELL YOUR FRIENDS!  Any questions or concerns, email hfh(at)wes.

Date: Saturday October 17th
Time: 11-3 pm
Location: Puerto Vallarta – 200 Main Steet (in the shopping center with Destinta Theater, Metro Liquors, etc.)

Donate your points/Fast-a-thon Banquet in Beckham Hall

fast-a-thonThis Thursday is the 3rd annual Wesleyan Fast-a-thon and Ramadan Banquet: delicious free Indian food from Haveli and free t-shirts for participants, and all in support of a great cause.

Last year, 850 people participated and raised $11,400 for the local Amazing Grace Soup Kitchen in Middletown.

Help beat that record by donating just a few points (or a lot, up to you) from your meal plan – give up some of your potential food so someone less fortunate can have some:

This Thursday is Wesleyan’s 3rd Annual Fast-a-Thon and Ramadan Banquet. Participants are invited to join the rest of the campus in fasting for a day, and/or donating points, cash, or check to the Amazing Grace Soup Kitchen in Middletown. This event raises money to fight hunger in our local community, and demonstrates solidarity against poverty across all boundaries.

Don’t wait, donate and/or RSVP now at the Fast-a-thon website.

All participants are invited to the break-fast Banquet this Thursday, 5:45PM in Beckham Hall, with FREE dinner from Haveli India and free t-shirts. There will also be a raffle for all those who donated. Seats at the Banquet are limited, so come early!

Thank you, and we hope to see you there!
Fast-a-Thon Planning Committee

Facebook event here.
Please email interfaith.fastathon@gmail with any questions.

Sponsored by: Interfaith Justice League, Muslim Student Association, Haveli, Bon Appetit, Office of Residential Life, Muslim Coalition of CT, University Chaplains, Office of Community Service, SBC, SALD

Date: Thursday, October 1
Time: 5:45 pm
Place: Beckham Hall
Cost: Free dinner, but please donate some points!

An Open Letter to the Obama People

Abe Silk ’07 calls the Obama team out for fundraising overkill in an open letter in the Huffington Post, which was picked up by the NY Times‘ politicis blog, “The Caucus“.

Dear Obama People,

it’s now January, Obama People, and I’m way over this thing. Prior to this very minute, it had been damn near two months since I even once thought about Todd Palin. So why, why, why for the love of God are you still sending me emails asking me to give you money? Seriously, I got one on December 30th and January 6th. You guys really want me to donate 25 dollars “to make the inauguration a success?” What on earth does that even mean? 25 bucks will buy maybe three crab cakes at a reception that I’m not invited to and would assuredly be sent to federal prison if I tried to attend, provided I wasn’t gunned down first. If you really want my money, Obama People, you’re going to need to work a little harder for it…

Especially when considering the amount of cash these people are already throwing down for the event.

Huffington Post
: An Open Letter to the Obama People
The Caucus
: Bill Clinton Asks for Money for Obama Inauguration

Holiday Fundraiser for Wesleyan Friends of Africa

Kennedy Odede ’12 tells us about the WFA’s holiday fundraiser. There are lots of ways to give, so get on it!

Stressed about holiday gifts? Want to do something different this year? Give a gift that makes a difference!
The Wesleyan Friends of Africa (WFA), a student group founded by Kennedy Odede from Kibera, Kenya is having a holiday fundraiser. You can make a contribution to a cause that matters and give non-material gifts this year!

Help build a primary school in the Kibera slum!
With a minimum contribution of $7 you can give towards building a primary school in Kibera, you will get a card to give as a gift with pictures of the students on it!

Give Christmas dinner to an HIV Positive woman and her children
For $7 you can buy a good means for a woman living with AIDS and her children. These women are part of the organization SHOFCO that Kennedy founded in Kibera. You will get a card with a picture of the woman and a personal note of gratitude from this woman as well.

Buy handmade jewelery made by a woman from Kibera with HIV/AIDS
This jewelry, also made by the woman of SHOFCO, is beautiful! All proceeds go back to the women who make it. Price range $5-$10.

When: tonight ( Wed. 12/10) until 10 pm, 12/13 (Sat) from 4-10 pm, and 12/14 (Sun) from 4-10 pm
At a table in the Olin lobby

Holiday Book Fair to benefit elementary students

Jen Alexander ’88 writes:

If you’re looking for children’s books and educational toys for the kids on your shopping list, come on down to the Holiday Book Fair at Macdonough School. Your purchase will also be paying for field trips for Macdonough School students. Our goal is to raise enough money pay for one field trip per child.

As a Macdonough parent, I was thrilled when the PTA decided to abandon the traditional fundraising methods this year—no catalogs of gift wrap, no cookie dough order forms. We voted against sending our kids out to selling door-to-door or pressuring friends and family to buy stuff they didn’t want or need. But that means that this Book Fair is our main fundraiser this year.

We know that three-fourths of our families at Macdonough fall into the lowest-income category of qualifying for free or reduced lunch for their kids—and our school typically lags behind the other Middletown elementary schools in raising funds for the extras that a PTA can provide. I’m hoping that the community will help us reach our goal!

The Book Fair has hardcovers and softcovers in all price ranges, for preschoolers up to middle school age. We’ve also got stocking stuffers like fuzzy markers, Pokemon pencils and giant pointer fingers, which are currently our top seller.

Date: Friday, Dec. 5
Time: 9:00 AM – 4:15 PM
Place: 66 Spring Street (0.8 mile from Usdan)

Support your Wesleying: why contribute?

Here’s a deeper look into our Support Your Wesleying fundraiser.

What are you doing?

Put simply, we want to make Wesleying more useful, more powerful, easier to maintain, and more likely to become a permanent fixture of student life at Wesleyan. Our current setup, using Google’s underpowered yet free Blogger software, is showing its weaknesses, both because we aren’t able to bring you the kind of content we want, and because it’s increasingly cumbersome for us to maintain the blog. When it’s inconvenient to use our blogging software, we’re less inclined to use it. And that’s not good for you, or us.

We’re moving to our own, paid domain name, and will pay a professional web hosting company to serve the blog. This will remove virtually all limitations on the future expansion of Wesleying, making it more useful for you, and easier to maintain for us. It also establishes a secure, stable base that gives current and future contributors the incentive to continue what has become a venerable—but relatively recent and still fragile—tradition at Wesleyan.

We have a plan in place and we’re confident in its benefits. While it’s too soon to announce the specifics—you’ll see the results of our reconstruction early next semester—we are looking to raise at least $200, which will secure us hosting for a year or two, and allow us a cushion for years ahead.

Two of the many useful things our move will enable are “folds” on our posts, and automatic weekend roundups. The first will enable us to “clip” giant posts like this one, and only show a summary of them on the front page, allowing you to see more posts and scroll less. The second will mean a weekend roundup every week, since it’ll be so much easier to compile than it is currently.

How are you doing all that?

We’ve been thinking this through for a while. In the end, we decided that we wanted to engage you, our loyal readers, in improving Wesleying. We wanted a grassroots effort in which every student felt like ze had a share in improving and continuing the purely student-driven Wesleying experience.

We decided to keep it local, and organic, and as widely participatory as possible. We’re asking for small donations from a large portion of our readership. Send us your quarters, send us your dollar bills, or make a donation online, conveniently and securely.

We’re also bringing Wesleying into the real world. We’re hosting our first-ever bake sale on Sunday night, from 9:00 to midnight, at Olin. Come and meet us, tell us what you think of Wesleying, and buy some delicious snacks at the same time. After that, we’ll be taking pre-orders for some kickin’ Wesleying T-shirts. Show your Wesleyan and Wesleying spirit, and be a part of the community that we’ve been trying to build since Wesleying was born.

If even 7% of our readers donate just one dollar each, we’ll have received what we need to start off. It should be clear: we’re not asking you to empty your wallet. We’re asking you to invest in the future of the Wesleyan community.

What aren’t you doing?

Our fundraiser is predicated on the idea that the community has a vested interest in making sure Wesleying not only continues, but improves. For that reason, we’ve rejected the easiest methods of raising funds.

We won’t host advertisements on our site. Wesleying is a community resource, full of pure student opinion and news, unadulterated by the presence of corporate spin and annoying banners. And, with no ads, we have more space for content that’s directly relevant to you.

Nor will we apply for money from the University, through the WSA. Wesleying has always been a fiercely independent voice, one that is sometimes critical of University policy. Accepting University funds gives the administration a level of involvement that would diminish our freedom. We’re not seeking corporate sponsorships or media tie-ins, for the same reason.

So, why should I contribute?

Being a Wesleying contributor is largely a thankless job. We spend hours each week posting your events, reporting on your campus community, bringing you fun and interesting political news, entertainment info, updates on alumni, and more. Sometimes, we even take your anonymous abuse in the comments.

Why do we do it? For me, the answer has always been clear.

Back in 2006 when I joined this blog, the kind of campus community we have today did not exist. There was no central place to see what was going on around campus. There was no collection of names and class years and groups and identities and genders, all in one place, all interacting and opening themselves up to the rest of the community. There was no place to get instant news, to get a diversity of views… nothing through which you could feel connected to everything that was going on around campus even while sitting in your dorm room.

Thanks to Wesleying, we now have that. Wesleying has made me feel more connected to people and groups that I would never even have known existed. It’s organic, it’s local, it’s small, it’s student-driven, it’s free of profit and financial gain, and it exists as a resource for everyone.

Wesleying is real students, and real student life at Wesleyan.

If you think we provide a useful service; if you make use of the site to see what’s going on around campus; if you send us your events and announcements and auditions, and benefit from the entire campus seeing your submissions… if you appreciate our opinion and reporting on campus and Middletown news; if you think Wesleying should remain a viable and, yes, ever-improving part of your campus life… that’s why you should contribute.

How do I contribute?

It’s simple. Visit www.wesleying.org, our future home and current fundraising center, for all the details. Or, click here to make a donation via your credit card, PayPal account, or bank account.

Finally, and most importantly, thanks for your donation! We wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the phenomenal support—in so many forms—that you, our fellow students, have offered us.

Justin LaSelva ’09
on behalf of the staff of Wesleying

P.S. We are interested in your thoughts and questions. If you want to make suggestions or complain, please email donations@wesleying.org.