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Gag Reflex Improv Comedy Show

Russian dolls - shark version

From Theodora Messalas ’15:

Bring your pre-frosh, your scones, your dusted white wig. Please keep track of your bonnets. We are not trying to have a
repeat of what happened last time.

We are Wesleyan’s oldest long-form improv group.

Check out the facebook event here. Sharks are cool.

When: April 17 (tonight) at 7pm
Where: Westco Cafe
Cost: Free

Gag Reflex Improv Comedy Show

tUWDulFrom Anna Bisikalo ’17:

Hey when’s the last time you genuinely laughed? Your lips say “yesterday!” but your eyes say “maybe when I was 12, once.”

Help us help you. Come to the NICS this FRIDAY at 8PM to see Gag Reflex perform their signature long-form improvised comedy.
You’ll feel like a tween again.

Where: Nics Lounge
When: Tonight (Friday) 8pm-9pm


Gag Reflex Homecoming Show

cardinalGag Reflex, Wesleyan’s Oldest Improv Comedy Group, is welcoming families for a fun and hilarious improv show this evening!

We perform a style of long-form improv comedy called the Armando, in which, upon receiving a word from the audience, one of us will tell a true-to-life monologue that we will use to inspire the rest of our scenes and stories. Bring your families, bring your friends, bring the people who might be upset if you called them that.

Where: World Music Hall
When: 8pm
Cost: Nothing


Comedy Combo Show

comedy groups

From Taylor Goodstein ’14:

Do you like comedy? Are you maybe thinking about joining a comedy group but you want to know what Wes has to offer? Do you have a free hour and half between the hours of 7:30 and 9 on Friday? Then you should come to the Comedy Combo Show!!

At the show, you’ll see Punchline members perform stand-up in between the improv acts of short-form group Desperate Measures, long-form, free-form group New Teen Force, and long-form, Armando performing Gag Reflex (say that five times fast). Also, catch the sketch comedy of Lunchbox and the a capella sketch combination brought by Vocal Debauchery. If you are interested in doing comedy at Wes, all groups will also be announcing their audition times!

Show starts at 7:30. Buffet starts at never.

Date: Friday, 9/6
Time: 7:30-9pm
Location: Nics Lounge

Gag Reflex: The Reading Week Show

GAG gag gag gag GAG

Bennett Kirschner ’13 asks me last minute to post something for him, in what is likely and tragically the last time ever:

Friends, the end is nigh. In celebration of our academic conquests, let us all sit back in the halls of Exley as Gag Reflex transports us to netherworlds and gyrates its lady-like limbs for the last time this year. I, for one, will be there, and I do hope you will be too.

Date: Today, May 13th
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: Exley Lobby (outside of Pi)

Gag Reflex: The Remember the Alamo Show

From Gag Reflex ’74:

Susan bids her mother, “Open the curtains! It is time for my public weeping and urination!” Mrs. Horton, besmeared with pudding, floating above the stage, sustained in flight by pulleys and puppeteers, wafts towards the sandbags and thrusts at them with knives, releasing dunes. She shreds up small pieces of paper in orgiastic delight. She bids she be flown forward. She hovers above Susan and drops chickens on her head. Mrs. Horton delivers her first line: “Turn on the waffle iron, Susan!”

Susan screams, “I can’t!” She overturns the poker table and chases all her cats around the stage. The cats are mauling the chickens and having their horrid eyes pecked out. Mrs. Horton smudges dirt into clumps of cabbage. She tosses bananas into piles and spits on them, throws down her shoes. “No one loves you!”

Susan begins to cry. “One day I will be an enormous statue of a man!” Mrs. Horton shakes in fits of glee and gales out loud, “No chance!” Mrs. Horton descends upon a heap of bacon. “Piss!”

The stage is flooded and the playhouse and the audience are all swept out to sea and Enormous Charles, the pirate squid, cooks them with his lasers.

DATE: Today! Friday, April 13th
TIME: 8:00 PM
PLACE: Westco Cafe
COST: $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$zero

Gag Reflex: The Parent’s Weekend Show

Your parent is not a fat cat, thank God. But Gag Reflex, this Friday night, is gonna make jokes that’ll get you rolling and oozing with laughter all over the carpeted floor. So get your Clorox stain remover, and your Brawny quilted quicker picker-uppers and get ready for some deep cleaning! Litter boxes are not provided, but we’re hoping to find some lying around — for you, you old cod!

DATE: Friday, November 4th
TIME: 8:00 PM
PLACE: CFA World Music Hall

Gag Reflex Auditions (Improv Comedy)


Watch out! Gag Reflex, Wesleyan’s oldest improvisational comedy/cooking group, is holding auditions this Friday! Whether you love busting chops or just eating them, Gag Reflex has something for you. No preparation or experience necessary. Stop by any time during auditions; each slot is only about 15 minutes. All genders are encouraged–we’re currently an all-male group seeking to mix it up! Feel free to send any questions to bkirschner@wesleyan.edu.

Date: Friday, January 28th
Time: 4:00-6:00 PM
Place: Usdan 110