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Procrastination Destination: Wikipedia Racing

We’re almost at finals week, which means it’s time for Wesleying’s biannual Procrastination Destination feature. If you’re like me, you’re probably wondering why you haven’t started studying yet. You should probably start studying… But if you need a good study break, you might as well procrastinate while learning new things.

So on that note, let me introduce you to Wikipedia Racing!

There are two forms of the game that you can play. The first version of the game is something that you play with your friends. The rules are simple:

  1. Choose an article to start on, and an article to end on. (For example, start on Justin Bieber, end on candy canes)
  2. You have to get from the first article to the destination article by only clicking on links within the wikipedia articles.
  3. First person to get to the ending article wins!
  4. For an extra challenge, you can add rules like no using the back button, or you can’t click through the United States (hot wikipedia racing tip, you can get to almost anything from the United States Wikipedia article). You can also change the rules and say that the person who finds the shortest path to the destination article wins, regardless of how long it takes. You can really add any rules you want to, it’s a very flexible game.

Using the example I gave before (Justin Bieber to candy canes), here is a demonstration of how Wikipedia racing works.

Justin Bieber –> Under the Mistletoe –> Christmas Music –> Christmas –> Candy Canes

That was a pretty easy example, but you can do some really weird ones, like Limes to the Treaty of Versailles, or Las Meninas to Wesleyan University. Maybe you can trick yourself into feeling like you are studying by choosing topics for the start/end articles that are related to your work. If you are having trouble thinking of articles, try the random Wikipedia article generator.

As for the other version of Wikipedia Racing, maybe you want to procrastinate alone in the library, or you don’t want your friends to see you avoiding your work. Fear not! There is also an antisocial version of Wikipedia Racing that you can play online. The online version of the game decides the start and end articles for you (you can’t even pretend like you are studying), but it is still a great way to avoid your work.

Procrastination Destination: Agar.io

be the dot, become the dot

Agar.io is a game that my friend Joomy Korkut ’17 showed me maybe two years ago, and the basic premise is this — you are a dot. You use your mouse to move your dot around the screen in a network of other dots. When you run into a smaller dot, you absorb it into your body and you get a little bit bigger. But when you run into a bigger dot, you get absorbed by that body and you lose. The catch is that bigger dots move much much slower than smaller dots, so it’s easy to run away from the big dot monsters for a while.

Pyxis call for submissions


Courtesy of Ben Zucker ’15:

“It is a happy talent to know how to play.” — Ralph Waldo Emerson

In life, we make the distinction between work and play as a means of structuring our everyday activity, but what exactly does it mean to play? How does play relate to games? Typically, the idea of game has been expressed in virtual spaces of rules which help to shape our conception of society’s structure through experience and experimentation. But we do not only play within the confines of games, nor do we consider all games playful. Pyxis, Wesleyan’s journal for the humanities, is interested in seeing how different disciplines and approaches in the humanities have explored and critiqued the notion, interpretations, and intersections of games and play.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

Board Games at ADP

board gamesWe challenge you! (Yes, you.) Think you can strategize with the big kids? Has King of the Nerds inspired you to prove your chess skills to every passer-by? Do you just like playing Apples to Apples sometimes to unwind? If so, have we got an event for you…

Board Games at ADP!  B O A R D  G A M E S @ A D P.  B  O  A  R  D    G  A  M  E  S     A  T    A  L  P  H  A    D  E  L T  A    P  H  I.

That is all.

Date: Today, Wednesday the 30th
Time: 4-7:30pm
Place: Alpha Delt, 185 High St.
Cost: your soul
Links: Facebook

Quiz Bowl in Butt B

Henry Sikes ’15 is totally siked about hosting a real live game show in the Butt B lounge tonight:

Quiz bowl is a competitive question and answer game (with buzzers!) that covers subjects like literature, history, science, and pop culture (just like jeopardy but without Trebek… or prize money… or spectators). We meet weekly for informal practices- normally on Mondays but for this week fall break has pushed us to Wednesday. No experience is necessary and absolutely anyone is welcome to show up. Email me if you have questions.

Date: Wednesday, October 17
Time: 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm
Place: Butt B Lounge
Cost: Free

Photos: Ben Seretan ’10/Oneohtrix Point Never at Eclectic

When I arrived at the Ben Seretan/Oneohtrix Point Never show at Eclectic, it appeared through the windows that nobody was there. How strange, I thought: Oneohtrix is beloved by many ambient music fans at Wesleyan, as well as fans of Daniel Lopatin’s other well-known project, Ford and Lopatin, and Ben Seretan ’10 is an old friend to us, albeit an old friend who happens to be a very talented and prolific musician who was in beloved Wesleyan band Duchampion.

When I got through the door, though, the room was in fact almost full; everyone was sitting on the floor, legs folded, in contemplation of Seretan’s spare, guitar-and-vocals compositions. He has described his most recent solo album, New Space, as an attempt “to have the sensation of swimming in or being embraced by the sound of my guitar and voice, to feel its physical presence pushing up against my sides, the walls, and furniture.”

Board Games and Mocktails at Well-Being House

From Natalie Sacks ’14:

A reprise of last semester’s wildly popular late-night board game night, this time with mocktails! Come whenever, and stay as long as you like. Get to know new awesome people by playing tons of fun board games and see a great house, if you’re interested in applying…

Date: Saturday, February 4th
Time: 9 PM – 12 AM
Place: Well-Being House (250 Court St, on the corner of Court and Pearl. Head down High St, pass DKE and Downey House, and take a right.)
Cost: nada.

RSVP on Facebook here.

Womanist House Games Night, Feb. 11th

I should really stop relying on Lolcat pictures for these posts. Anyway, Marie-Eve Auguer ’11 writes:

Come join the Lovely Ladies of Womanist House for a night of Fun and Games!!

Bring your friends or make some when you get here! Come meet us, see the house and start your weekend right! Snacks and Drinks will be served

Date:   Feb. 11
Time:   7:00 PM – 10:00 PM
Place:  44 Brainerd Ave (Womanist House)

Check that Facebook event herreeeee.

Wesleyan Zombies vs. Humans 2010

Sam Barth ’13 writes in:

Break out your nerf guns and marshmallows, because it’s time once again for Wesleyan’s Humans vs. Zombies game! In this game of extreme tag, humans (wearing armbands) have to outrun and outgun zombies (wearing headbands) until all the zombies starve. But if you get tagged… you become one of them. The game takes place 24/7 over all of campus until one side is victorious.

If you are interested in playing, join the Facebook group “Wesleyan Zombies vs. Humans 2010” to read the full rules and get yourself signed up.

And here are the “official” rules.

  • Date: Oct. 4 – Oct. 15
  • Time: 12:00 AM – 11:30 PM
  • Place: Everywhere on campus

Wesleyan Chess Club

From Alex Roy ’11:

This and every Saturday the Wesleyan Chess Club will meet in Usdan for casual games. All skill levels welcome, drop in anytime. Email aroy(at)wesleyan(dot)edu to be added to the listserv or for more information.

Date:   Sept. 11
Time:   2:00 PM – 5:00 PM
Place:  Couches on main floor of Usdan