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Open Discussion: Conflict in Gaza

Becca Casper-Johnson’15  cares about your feelings, sort of:

Come join Students for Justice in Palestine and J Street U for an open discussion on the conflict in Gaza. Come join us for an open discussion on the conflict in Gaza. Talk about your feelings (just about Gaza/Israel/Palestine though please), your personal experiences, talk about the news or give us your two cents on Israeli and Palestinian politics (I hear something kind of important is happening at the UN today), ask us what the Gaza strip is and what’s going on there.

This discussion is co-sponsored by Students for Justice in Palestine and J Street U, but everyone is welcome no matter your politics or involvement. This is not a debate, and we encourage you to come without a mindset of “sides” and blame. Let’s make the conversation at Wes about responsibility and moving forward.

Bring your lunch and your friends!

Unfortunately Hillary will not be able to attend…

Date: Friday, November 30
 12:00-1:00 PM
Place: 41 Wyllys Room 113
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UC Irvine Student Government Divests from Israeli Occupation

Will our own WSA follow suit?

Last week, the student government of UC Irvine (the equivalent of Weslayan’s WSA) unanimously passed a resolution supporting divestment from all companies that support the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian territories. The move came amidst the ongoing U.S.-backed bombardment of civilians in the Gaza Strip. According to news reports, the attacks have claimed the lives 95 Palestinians in the past week, including at least twelve children and a pregnant mother.

The UC Irvine resolution (which is fairly short; I encourage folks to read in full) is part of a growing international solidarity movement for boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS for short) which seeks to withdraw support and legitimacy from the Israeli occupation, much like the divestment campaign that eventually led to the downfall of the apartheid government in South Africa in the 1990s, of which college campuses and the student movement were an integral part.

Similar resolutions have been passed or proposed on campuses across the U.S., and the campaign was even discussed at Wes during Thursday’s panel with leading independent Israeli journalists. Progressive blogger Noam Sheizaf threw in his support: