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Wesleying GChat Recap: Stepkids Haul Time Machine Into Memorial Chapel, Transport Crowd to 1967

Easily distracted Internet musings on Friday night’s psychedelia

Photo by Rachel Pincus '13.

Opening up WESU’s much-hyped Spring Concert Series with a fuzzy bang full of wha-wha guitars and freaky visuals, Connecticut’s The Stepkids performed on Friday night in what may be the most psychedelic happening at the Memorial Chapel since the Už Jsme Doma performance in 2010. In the spirit of an old-school Wesleying tradition that has lain dormant for too long, we’re reviewing the show in the form of a Wesleying staff Gchat session. Eventually it devolves into a reflection on Linus, sausage grinders, and Scott Brown’s porn career, because obviously that happens. Read on anyway.

Photos below by me and Goatmilk.

WESTROSPECTIVE: Wesleying’s Founding, Five Years On

“For better or worse, if people remember me and Xue, they know two people they can talk to about Wesleyan.” —Holly

August 23. On this date in history: the Austro-Prussian War comes to a close (1866), Japan declares war on Germany (1914), River Phoenix is born (1970), and a magnitude 5.8 earthquake rolls up and down the East Coast (today!).

What you won’t find scrolling through Wikipedia for four and a half minutes, then, is this. On this date in Wesleyan historyfive years ago todaytwo bored rising juniors slash legendary WesVisionaries registered a blogspot domain, served up a meaty fifty-three words of text + an image of some straight-up foss-chillin’, and called it a blog. Half a decade, two presidents, one domain, one dining hall, a whole student turnover (and then some), about a bazillion hits, and one combination Pizza Hut and Taco Bell later—