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Goodbye Lenin! Film Showing

“On the evening of October 7, 1989 several hundred people got together for some evening exercise and marched for the right to go for walks without the Berlin Wall getting in their way.”

Come watch “Goodbye Lenin!“, a tragicomedy that explores how East Germans dealt with the total collapse of their state. A fascinating look at one of the more dramatic periods of modern history.

Winner of several awards, including Best Actor, Best Film, Best Screenwriter, and Best Foreign Language Film.

German with English subtitles. Facebook event here.

Date: Thurs, Feb. 4
Time: 7:30pm
Place: German Haus, 135 High st.
Price: FREE

Twenty Years after the Wall: The German Elections of 2009

Janine Zaltsman writes:

Come to a Faculty Talk by Assistant Professor of Government Sarah Wiliarty. Twenty years after the wall, Germany finds itself with a female Chancellor from the former East. What does the fall of the wall have to do with the shattering of the glass ceiling? What is the legacy of 1989 for the elections of 2009? Professor Sarah Wiliarty examines the political fortunes of Angela Merkel.

Sponsored by: Government Majors Committee and Government Department

WHEN: Friday, Nov. 13, 12-1PM
WHERE: Allbritton 311 (Shapiro Writing Center)