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Haven’t figured out what “GOTV” stands for yet? It’s “Generally Overcooked Tiny Vegetables”

“Is one free coffee all that stands between you and voting?” Alyssa Bonneau ’14 asks, clearly expecting you to answer “Hell yeah, yo!”:

Thinking about voting, but still on the fence about it? Sure you’re going to vote but want to feel like more of a champ when you do? This Tuesday come to Red and Black with an “I Voted” sticker and get a FREE small cup of coffee! (sorry to everyone who voted absentee)
 Sounds like a great opportunity, if you’re into drinking brown bean juice like a weirdo. Here’s some more supplementary information from Bonneau:
Couldn’t have said it better myself. Actually, I could have: “USA! USA! USA! Don’t forget to check out the deets on the Middletown ballot here.

Word: Today, November 6
Two Words: All day
More Words: Red and Black Café, 45 Broad Street

Volunteer to Help with GOTV

Hanging chads be damned, Michael Linden ’15 and Gabriela De Golia ’13 have more opportunities for you to help get out the vote:

Volunteer to help with last GOTV pushes on Monday and Tuesday

If you are interested in helping to direct students to the polls, call fellow classmates to tell them where they have to go in order to vote, put up posters on election day, be a GOTV cheerleader (JK… but not really), or anything else GOTV related on Monday and Tuesday, email mlinden[at]wes and/or gdegolia[at]wes.

There is plenty to do to help get as many people out to vote this Tuesday, and any help would be appreciated.

Most importantly though: GET OUT AND VOTE.

Last Canvas for Elizabeth Warren

The venerable Noam Sandweiss-Back ’15 writes in with opportunity to help out my favorite bad-ass senate candidate:

The time has finally come. The polls are tight. The campaigns are mobilizing. And the vote needs to get out.

This Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday (editorial note: be there for election day OH EM GEE) Wesleyan for Warren is traveling one last time to Worcester, MA to get the vote out. If you’re from Mass, feel passionately about Warren, or can’t get to a swing state for Obama we’d love for you to come up for one/all of the days. In such a close race every bit helps.

Even if you don’t think you can give up a full day fill out this form with your availablity and we will try to work around everyone’s schedules.

Warren can really impact Washington. Let’s get her into Senate

Date: Saturday Nov. 3, Sunday Nov. 4th, Tuesday. Nov 6th
Time: TBD
Place: Worcester,Ma
Facebook: Get at usss
Questions? Contact any of the Elizabeth Warren Campus Interns:  sebb(at)wes, jpollan(at)wes, etammaro(at)wes, nsandweissba(at)wes,emullaney(at)wes

Get out the Vote Planning Meeting

Is it obvious that “Not” Alyssa “Not” Bonneau ’14 is “not” emailing me things to post to Wesleying, on the regs?

Young voters represent 24% of the electorate this cycle, and we need to do everything we can to make sure Wes students get to the polls. The election’s in 15 days, and there is a lot of work to be done. I’d like to have a meeting tomorrow tomorrow (Monday) night at 10pm at the Usdan couches/chairs so we can get to know each other and put together a basic plan. Please let me know if you’re available for this time – and forward this to whoever you think might be interested!

Date: 2marra, October 22
Time: 10 PM (22:00)
Place: Usdan’s black chairs
Cost: About $1,500,000,000

Democratic Primary this Tuesday!

Democratic Primary this Tuesday! Democratic Primary this Tuesday! Democratic Primary this Tuesday! Democratic Primary this Tuesday! Democratic Primary this Tuesday! Democratic Primary this Tuesday! Democratic Primary this Tuesday! Democratic Primary this Tuesday!

To all you Democrats:

There is an important democratic primary occurring this Tuesday! Start early on your political activism and go vote for Dan Drew, the democratic candidate for mayor, along with other endorsed democratic candidates in Row A.

You can register until Monday at noon. Go to the town clerk sometime before noon on Monday to register if you aren’t already at 245 deKoven Drive (right off Main street; office opens at 8:30AM).

Polls open from 6AM to 8PM on Tuesday at the Senior Center right by Broad Street books.

Go whenever you don’t have class, and start early with your political activism!

Democratic Primary this Tuesday!: Sept. 13
Democratic Primary this Tuesday!: 6:00 AM – 8:00 PM
Democratic Primary this Tuesday!: Middletown Senior Center, 150 Broad St. (Williams St. entrance across from Broad St.)

Get out the vote!

Just in case you’ve been living in a complete bubble for the past eight months, there’s an election coming up. A major one. In only one short week, on Tuesday, Nov. 4.

In case you happen to care about what happens on election day, there’s plenty of opportunities to get involved in campaigning and getting out the vote. Do it.

Dan Levine ’11 sends in some info on what you can do:

We have only one week until election day, and it’s the most important of the entire campaign. Obama’s lead in the polls comes from the tireless work of Wesleyan students and other volunteers all around the country. But there’s only one poll that matters, the one on election day. We need your help turning our grassroots supports into votes. This is your last chance to take a hand in electing Barack Obama.

Join us on trips to New Hampshire and Pennsylvania this weekend. We’ll be working Friday through Tuesday, and can make sure you’re on the ground for as much of that time as you can give. Get Out The Vote work is easy and fun, and it’s also the most important. Joining Obama’s ground team this week is the best thing you can do to make sure Barack Obama wins the White House.

Join us and make sure that Barack Obama becomes our next president.

email wesleyanstudentsforobama@gmail

I was in New Hampshire canvassing with them this past week and let me say: it was ridiculous amounts of fun. You get to meet lots of interesting people, and you’re surrounded by other cool dudes who feel passionately about this election.

Get out the vote! Whether you can only go for the weekend, or only help out on election day, do something.