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2013: A Very Wesleying Year in Review


For those of you who Wesleying’d last year and saw our 2012 Year in Review post, brace yourselves: the 2013 Wesleying Year in Review is here. So, how does our Buzzfeed-esque list of all things Wesleyan work? In here, you’ll find the top ten biggest moments to hit campus during the 2013 year, along with a bunch of honorable mentions. For each point, we provide numerous links to Wesleying articles so you can become schooled if you missed anything during the year.

The big takeaway from this post is to remember that these issues are forever ongoing; just because something happened at the beginning of 2013 doesn’t make it any less important now that 2014 is upon us. We have a ton of bizarre, interesting, obnoxious, awesome, and freaky things happen on this campus, and it’s crucial to keep the institutional memory alive.

My usual disclaimer: Obviously, I didn’t get to everything. So instead of leaving us a snarky comment saying that we’re a bunch of  Internet-addicted hillbillies, feel free to leave your other big Wesleyan moments in the comments section.

In addition, these events are in no particular order of importance, severity, seriousness, or enormity. The order is seriously random.

Read after the jump to see what Wes events made the list!

Early Decision Letters Go Out to the Class of 2018, College Confidential Explodes

Yes, I know, we all feel really fucking old.


Breaking news: Some of the youngsters of the class of 2018 (yes, meaning most of them were born in 1996) have been accepted to Wes through Early Decision, and they are now officially part of the Wesleyan community. Holla at all the prefrosh who are reading this post, and welcome to the Bestleyan.

Oh the little ED applicants.

Oh the little ED applicants.

As usual, however, no one really cares about the actual members of the class; we’re all in it for the WesAdmits 2018 page (which does in fact exist already!). Prefrosh who are reading this: Save yourself some awkwardness when you get to campus and know your WesAdmits etiquette.

  • About 70% of the upperclassmen on WesAdmits are totally trolling the shit out of you. When they say really random things things like, “All Wesleyan dorms are being equipped with froyo machines next year!”, they’re expecting you to be gullible. Last year one of my friends convinced an entire group of freshmen that Summerfields was getting a Starbucks express line.
  • Don’t talk about all the other colleges you were going to apply to. You got into Wesleyan ED; those other colleges don’t mean anything now. Stop trying to impress everyone with how you were going to apply to Brown ED but didn’t because you were too authentic for that Ivy League life.
  • Don’t post pictures of you holding your acceptance letter on WesAdmits. Some weird upperclassmen will turn it into their Facebook cover photo. Plus it just looks awkward.
  • Do NOT for the love of all that is Wesleyan friend request everyone in the WesAdmits Facebook group. It’s been two years since I got into Wesleyan, and to this day, every time my friends and I see the kid from my class year who friended 350+ Wes ED classmates back in December 2011, someone yells, “That’s the dude who friended all the people on WesAdmits!”

Wesleyan’s Early Decision Letters Go Out to the Class of 2017


Well, it’s that time of year again. Forget the eggnog and The Chanukah Song, Wesleyan’s Early Decision letters for the class of 2017 (don’t you feel old?) went out today.

So for all the derping cool excited prefrosh reading this, CONGRATS and welcome to Wesleyan (WESLEYAN IS THE BESTLEYAN). I was you last year: cutting class to go home early and sit in front of the computer; letting my mother drive me to and from school even though I had my own vehicle (she was afraid I would speed to get home); freaking out as I clicked the “Show decision” button on Wesleyan’s website; reading Our Dear Leader Zach’s posts about the 2016 acceptances (awkward moment when he emailed me about doing this post and referenced his past acceptance posts which I’d read as a prefrosh…).

The only thing more exciting than the new recruits for the class of 2017: WESADMITS 2017. For those of you unfamiliar with Wesleyan’s string of WesAdmits pages, they are a source for all things Wesleyan (and not-so-Wesleyan):

  • Meet ‘n’ greets with your future peers (“You’re from New York too? Let’s be BEST FRIENDS <333”).
  • Questions relating to Wesleyan life (“How many circuses come to Wes every year?”).
  • Questions that are absolutely freaking random and don’t relate to Wesleyan life at all (“What are you favorite 1982 sitcoms?”).
  • Trolling upperclassmen who write bizarre shit and confuse the hell out of prefrosh (“This sophomore said on WesAdmits that Wesleyan has a Chipotle and a Starbucks! So excited!”).
  • The source of your class’ first WesCelebs/class personalities (shout out to my roomie…who was WesAdmits 2016 famous).
  • An opportunity to creepily stalk people (and then awkwardly see them around campus 9 months later…).
  • A space where internet friendships grow and die (sometimes) when you get to campus (holla at my homeboy Bruno Machiavelo ’16…our internet friendship survived real life!).

Read after the jump to see all of the kooky things prefrosh (and their parents) have been saying on the Wesleyan College Confidential message board/chat room/comments section/random overacheivers spazzing out on the internetzzz place.

Primal Scream: Winter 2012 Edition

Dozens of students poured out of Olin and raced across Church Street last night at approximately 11:58 pm to take part in the midnight Primal Scream. The screaming, lasting way longer than I’d originally anticipated, was followed by a rowdy rendition of the Wesleyan Fight Song (awkward moment when the girl in front of me tried to start the fight song and was cut off by a couple of guys singing the fight song louder).

To all of you with finals (and especially you peeps with 7 pm finals tonight), may the odds be ever in your favor.

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Wesleyan’s Cardinal Cheerleaders Still Want You

Maggie Feldman-Piltch ’14 writes:

The Wesleyan Cardinal Cheerleaders are looking for 1-3 additional female identifying or female bodied member(s) in preparation for the National Cheerleading Association’s National College Cheer Championship which will be held in April 2013 in Dayton Beach, Florida.

No prior experience necessary, but a serious commitment to the team is required. Preference will be given to those who able to base in a stunt group.

If you are interested, please contact the captains immediately:

Maggie Feldman-Piltch ’14: mfeldmanpilt(at)wesleyan(dot)edu
Dawanna Butler ’15: dbutler(at)wesleyan(dot)edu

Do this by Sunday, November 11th.

Russell Perkins ’09 Named a Rhodes Scholar

Congratulations to Russell Perkins ’09, who was awarded a 2010 Rhodes Scholarship. Perkins was the co-founder of the Center for Prison Education at the Cheshire Correctional Institution, and graduated with high honors from the College of Letters.  His senior thesis was “Violence in Adornian Aesthetics and the Art of Anselm Kiefer.”  Perkins is pursuing a B.Phil in philosophy at Oxford.

Wes in the News: Perkins ’09 Awarded 2010 Rhodes Scholarship