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Interview with Wes Compliments (Thanks!)

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When Wes Compliments was created a year ago, it was clear that it was set up to spread some good vibes. Amidst the general disgruntled feels on campus that correlated with need-blind financial aid issues, labor service controversies, chalking (?), and the diversity forum (which oddly centered on some dumb acb comments a.k.a. the opposite of Wes Compliments), it was nice to know that Wes people still liked and admired other Wes people (at least when they could express it anonymously on the Internet).

I wanted to meet with the Wes Compliments moderator because I was curious about the person behind such altruism, but ze preferred e-mail to preserve hir’s anonymity. Still cool. With 2,103 Facebook friends and counting, and well over 100 compliments posted, Wes Compliments is still going strong. Here’s a brief interview I had with the moderator of Wes Compliments:

Mel & Josh & DRMS: Electric Living Room

People, get ready! Not only is there a Mel & Josh living room show planned for this weekend, but it’s gonna get electric! If your life hasn’t yet been touched with this duo’s incredible tunes, make sure to check out their bandcamp and don’t miss this show! Mel Hsu ’13 has a little something to say:

Word on the street is that Josh Smith ’11 and some of The Rooks are coming back to Wes on Saturday to play a Mel & Josh living room show with a special guest set from Bay Area band DRMS! We are incredibly excited to play songs off of our recently-released album: “Analogue.” This will be our first intimately electric show at Wes with a full band. We’ll be rocking songs from Analogue, some older favorites, and some new songs as well.

We will be joined by our good friends Jessica Best ’14, Tory Mathieson ’14, Yatta Zoker ’14, Gabe Gordon ’11, Louis Russo ’11 and Nate Mondschein ’12.

Pumpkin Fest @ Long Lane

Ally freakin’ Bernstein ’13 hopes Saturday’s weather doesn’t look like this:

Come celebrate autumn, the harvest, and all things Halloween-y at Long Lane Farm, Wesleyan’s student-run organic vegetable farm! Feature the sweet sounds of Mattabesset Pickers Collective, the Apple Daughters, Jackie and Avery, and Tennessee Mowrey ’14 and his band! Bring money for the Farmers Market! Bring a canned good to be entered into a raffle to win an ION or Javapalooza gift certificate! Bring your bike so LEGIT bike co-op can fix it! Bring your face so we can paint it!

There will be free veggie burgers and crafts, farm tours and good vibes. Don’t miss it!

Note: if it rains (or snows) on Saturday, Pumpkin Fest will take place on Sunday, the 30th, at the same time. Check the Facebook page to see if it is postponed!

Date: Saturday, October 29
Time: noon – 4:00 PM
Place: Long Lane
Cost: no.
Facebook: yes.