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Spotted: MGMT on Gossip Girl
Those of you who watched this evening’s season finale of Gossip Girl (it’s okay, we won’t tell anyone) might have recognized the now virtually ubiquitous “Time to Pretend” by MGMT playing in the background of a scene leading up to the wedding. Whether you love it or hate it, Gossip Girl does pride itself on having its finger on the pulse of super-trendy/wannabe super-trendy teen America, which means that that pulse must currently be pumping to the Oracular Spectacular beat. Congratulations, MGMT, you’ve officially achieved mainstream cool.

Gossip and food… get it while it’s hot

OK, the gossip isn’t really hot anymore, and wasn’t really to begin with. But following in the theme of Wesleyan appearances in the extra-bubbular world, Cindy Adams, the New York Post‘s professional gossiper (I sort of feel bad), is apparently friends with Wesleyan’s own Barbera Fenig ’11. Barbera sent us one of Cindy’s articles that quotes her thoughts on the Iowa caucuses.

In other news, Caroline Rober ’08 writes:

The owner/chef of Sweet Harmony Cafe and Bakery is offering a Vietnamese cooking course once a month on Mondays. The course running depends on people’s interest, so if you’re interested, call 860 344-9646. The first lesson will focus on the preparation and uses of Vietnamese sauces, and each participant gets to take home the ingredients used in the demo.

Sounds yummy.