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Symposium: Archaeology and Politics

From Ali Rosenberg ’15:

Come to the Archaeology and Politics Symposium featuring:

  • Epistemology and Ethics of an Activist Science at the African Burial Ground (Michael Blakey, College of William and Mary)
  • The Role of Archaeology and Community: The Shared Past of Israelis and Palestinians in the Present (Ann E. Killebrew, Pennsylvania State University)
  • The Politics of Naming and Knowing: Repatriation and Indigenous Identity (Dorothy Lippert, Smithsonian Museum)
  • The Politics of Protection (and Destruction) of Archaeological Sites in Contemporary India (Carla M. Sinopoli, University of Michigan)

Sponsored by the Allbritton Center for the Study of Public Life, the Archaeology Program, the Government Department, and Jewish and Israel Studies.

Date: Friday, November 8
Time: 1:30 PM – 5:00 PM
Place: Allbritton, Room 311


So, I should totally be prepping for this TA session I’m supposed to give. Or do homework. Or clean my room. Or find a job. Or chug steroids and lift mad weights. But it’s raining, I’m hungry, and I’m too lazy to get up and leave the computer.

Obviously, the obvious solution is to blog.

And because the greatest academic achievement of any 20-22 yr old college academic-wannabe is to be what the kids these days call “meta-” (click here for details), this evening I’ve decided to follow through on Zach’s blog listing series to present to you fine Wesleyan folks a list of blogs maintained by professors of the Government Department. (I’ll do other departments next time – hello Tenured Rad-Rad!)

In case you didn’t know, Political Science blogs are alll the rage these days! (Or all the rage among hopelessly geeky people, like me. YEAHH)

In other words, screw you abroad kids! SCREW YOU AND YOUR HAPPINESS (i miss denmark so mucchh). Check out the blogs after da jump.

Government Major: Meet and Greet

From Elizabeth Gauvey-Kern ’11 comes a chance to learn more about the major whose classes people (me, at least) can’t seem to get into:

Considering Government for a major? Set on it, but can’t sort out the four concentrations? Who are the “can’t/can miss” Professors?

The government major is big and at times confusing. Please join the Government Majors Committee to sort it all out over PIZZA. Get to know your fellow majors and what they’re up to through mouthfuls of fresh motz and provolone.

  • Date: Tomorrow, Nov. 18
  • Time: Noon – 1:00 PM
  • Place: Allbritton 103

Twenty Years after the Wall: The German Elections of 2009

Janine Zaltsman writes:

Come to a Faculty Talk by Assistant Professor of Government Sarah Wiliarty. Twenty years after the wall, Germany finds itself with a female Chancellor from the former East. What does the fall of the wall have to do with the shattering of the glass ceiling? What is the legacy of 1989 for the elections of 2009? Professor Sarah Wiliarty examines the political fortunes of Angela Merkel.

Sponsored by: Government Majors Committee and Government Department

WHEN: Friday, Nov. 13, 12-1PM
WHERE: Allbritton 311 (Shapiro Writing Center)