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Updated GPA calculator available

If you’re the kind of person who obsesses over your GPA (may God grant mercy on your soul), you now have a new method of fetishizing that 4.0-scale. Check out the new GPA calculator, provided by Anonymous. Anonymous says:

If you do not have Excel, here is an online GPA tool at Google Docs. You can also use it to calculate science GPA and GPA for upper level courses. You need to have a Google account to use it. It will create a personal, private copy for you which you can keep and update forever.

I haven’t tested it in part because I don’t want to sign the rest of my soul over to Google. So if you try it out, post a review! And then go back to studying for next semester’s final exams.

Re: Getting Grades

Confused about the logistics of getting grades? Heather Alderfer from the Registrar’s office has the nitty gritty:

Just thought you might want to know I put the credit analysis report back in the student portfolio, but it still won’t be updated until just before classes start. The 48 hour delay is a vestige from when our office manually entered grades, and the 48 hours gave us and the professor time to catch any errors. We are, thanks to student feedback, revaluating this policy, and it will possibly change next semester. Faculty don’t always submit the grades in a timely manner, often not until after the new year.

Nicest (or at least most accessible) registrar ever?

How to get your grades early

Eventually your grades will pop up under Academic History in your e-portfolio. Key word: Eventually. In the past, there was a Credit Analysis Report link where you could get your scores a few days earlier, but apparently it was taken down. Fear not! Some kind soul on the ACB provided the following link to your Credit Analysis Report; Just log into e-portfolio and click!



GPA Calculator

Because speculating about grades is more fun than working for them.

Instead of studying for finals I made a GPA calculator, available for download here. You can either input your current GPA and number of credits and find out how future grades will affect you, or keep track of all your grades ever.

I promised I’m not obsessed with my or anyone else’s GPA. Just with spreadsheets, and calculating things, and academia. Yay!