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Short Film about Margarine [and much more?]

Grace Nix ’15, independent of Kerry Nix ’15 who is not a film major like her sister, made a short film called “Margarine Call – the Serious Short Film,” which I gather is about (*spoiler alert*?) an ordinary girl living her very ordinary life except for the fact that she carries around a tub of margarine everywhere she goes. Watch it yourself for the more serious reveals. From Grace Nix:

Another Interview With Amanda Palmer

So about three weeks ago, y’all saw video clips from Waka Flocka Feinstein ’13‘s awesome interview with Amanda Palmer ’98 under the auspices of the Aural Wes blog.

Little did you likely know, however, that three others–Elizabeth Litvitskiy ’15, Grace Nix ’15, and myself–were sitting immediately to the left of the frame, recording the conversation on Audacity (you can hear our laughter at certain points). What’s more is that we have nearly forty minutes of delicious audio footage taken before Waka Flocka started asking his questions. The majority of this recording is new shit, and is worth listening to even if you have never heard of Amanda Palmer before. Of course, if you know/love Amanda Palmer, then this is a must-listen.

Among the topics discussed:

  • academic regrets
  • working as an artist
  • romance
  • death
  • Alpha Delta Phi
  • communication in the 21st century
  • Amanda’s first-ever solo performance
  • …and more.

Click here to stream/download the audio file.

Stay tuned for a personal reflection on one of the most fascinating and exciting interviews I’ve ever had the privilege of conducting, via the Voices blog.