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Google’s Project 10 to 100th

Big thinkers of Wesleyan, listen up. Got a great idea that could change the world? Recent alum Paul Cao ’08 has a tip for you:

I am writing to let Wesleyan folks know that Google is putting $10 million on the line to implement 5 ideas that would “help as many people in the world as possible.” It is referred as Project 10 to 100th. And the idea selection works via user-submitted ideas (and an optional YouTube video), from the submission pool, the Google panel will select 100 ideas and post on their website for the general public to vote for then, the twenty semi-finalist. Out of these 20, the Google panel will select five 5 final idea to implement.

This is perfect for any Wesleyan social entrepreneurs who are looking for funding in the range of $2 million.

The deadline is October 20th, 2008–Click here for more information.