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Ask Wesleying: Cope Confusion

Welcome to the fifth installment of Ask Wesleying, an advice column about any and all things Wes! Have a question about life at Wes? Submit it to get it answered in Ask Wesleying! You can find all of the Ask Wesleying columns here.

This week’s question is about the most mysterious housing option available to sophomores:

Dear Wesleying,

I recently heard about some kind of housing in the butts that sounds vaguely like cope (co-op? coop?) for sophomores. Something about living with 5 of your friends on your own little hall. Is this real? Is it a good option for sophomores? How the hell do you say it?

Cope Confusion

You can read the answer to this week’s question below the jump!

Rising Seniors: Here’s Why Avi Stein ’17 Is the Best Human Ever

GRS numbers are now out and I’m assuming the entire Class of 2018’s friend groups have now shifted. Yeah yeah yeah, rising sophomores and juniors do GRS too but it’s not that deep for y’all, I promise. Unless this happens to you. For the ~670 seniors who will live in wood frame houses next year, you now have 167 options to choose from.

In the past, after GRS numbers were released, rising seniors would have to look through every single house and floor plan in their group size on the ResLife website to rank their preferences.

But Avi Stein ’17 and some folks at the QAC have developed a new online tool that makes it SO MUCH EASIER to sort through houses. In case you haven’t read your email and are totally clueless, here’s a summary from a ResLife email:

Room Selection Begins Tonight

Senior Housing Options

From Kate Cullen ’16 and the WSA:

In case you’ve been living under a rock and haven’t checked your email or heard the nervous chatter around campus, room selection begins tonight! To give you a better sense of where your grade will actually live (cough… not all Seniors live on Fountain and not all Juniors live in LowRise/HighRise) Mika Reyes ’17 and Fred Ayres ’17 of WSA put together a few maps (rising Seniors, Juniors, Sophomores) for you. Also check back to Wesleying’s “Housing Options for Room Selection Guide” for any last minute questions about different dorms.

To all the best of luck!

Kate Cullen ’16 and WSA

Map Links:

Rising Seniors
Rising Juniors
Rising Sophomores


Live in the Bayit


Bayit HM, the wonderful Talia Baurer ’15, has a housing option for ya:

Apply to live in the Bayit next year! We have the biggest rooms on campus, are centrally located, have free dinner in the common space every Friday night, and still have spaces to fill during open bid! You don’t have to be Jewish or observant to live in this awesome house.

Applications are due (through your e-portfolio) by this Friday, 3/28.
Questions? Email tbaurer[at]wesleyan[dot]edu

Date: NOW through Friday, March 28th
Place: E-portfolio/the interwebs

An Interview with Julia Clemens ’16, Who Has the Worst GRS Number Currently In Existence at Wesleyan

“I’m hoping I won’t be put into a double with a freshman or anything. Maybe I will end up in Hewitt!”

Pictured: Julia Clemens '16 standing in front of a tractor that is almost definitely more spacious than wherever she ends up living next year. (JK, summer housing works out pretty well sometimes.)

Pictured: Julia Clemens ’16 standing in front of a tractor that is almost definitely more spacious than wherever she ends up living next year. (JK, summer housing works out pretty well sometimes.)

GRS is currently in full swing, and if past years’ experiences are any indication, it will be a stressful, random, and thoroughly hellish week, full of broken promises, ruined friendships, and confusing numbers to decipher.* No one is really entirely sure how GRS really works, except Director of ResLife Fran Koerting, who, according to campus legend, wrote down all of the secrets of GRS on a piece of printer paper in 1986 and then buried it in her front yard so no one else could find it,** and possibly Ben Cohen ’10, who wrote out this exhaustive guide to housing options that I am linking here for your convenience. It’s pretty outdated, and Wesleying is too busy interviewing thesis writers to update it, so make of it what you will.

On the bright side, there’s good news: I don’t have to deal with that shit this year there is sometimes free pizza. The other good news is that as bad as your GRS number is, you still have it better than Julia Clemens ’16, an unsuspecting freshman who has been cursed with the worst GRS number that exists on campus: 590. Clemens, who is pictured above standing in front of a tractor that may or may not be more spacious than her future living quarters, seems to be handling the situation pretty well. Instead of standing in the middle of Andrus moaning “Why meeeee,” she admits that “it’s kind of hilarious” and hopes to fare okay in the summer housing market (as students often do). “My mom wanted to ‘make a fuss,'” Clemens admits, “but I told her I didn’t think that would help.” (It wouldn’t.)

Here is our full interview with Julia Clemens ’16, Owner of the Worst GRS Number Currently In Existence at Wesleyan.

House Hopping Day

GRS numbers came out today, and yours probably sucks. Ali Ellerbeck ‘13 encourages you to play Real Estate tomorrow afternoon:

Housing selection is coming up. Juniors interested in woodframes can scout out senior houses this Friday. The community advisors for the woodframes will be in Pi Café handing out lists of houses that have volunteered to show their houses. Seniors, if you live in a woodframe and are willing to participate, please send an email to Ali Ellerbeck ’13 at aellerbeck(at)wesleyan(dot)edu. You don’t have to clean your house. You just have to be around on Friday from 1-3 to open the doors to juniors.

Date: Tomorrow, April 5
Time: 1:00 p.m. – 3:00 p.m.
Place: Pi Cafe (and a bunch of Woodframes)

You’ve Got Mail: GRS Ranks Now Available, Selection Imminent

Your rank’s up, but ePortfolio won’t load. Freak out anyway.

If you’re like me twenty minutes ago, you might have been wondering why Olin was abuzz with juniors shoving laptops in each others’ faces and texting all of their friends/future housemates. ResLife sent out an email at approximately 5:45 PM alerting students that general room selection (GRS) ranks are available on our Student Portfolios (through Room Selection). The email proceeds to explain that each GRP group is to select its housing according to its rank; the first wave of students, GRS ranks 1 – 136, is to come to Science Center 150 on Monday, April 16. The room selection process starts at 6:00 PM, and you are advised to show up a few minutes early to secure your place:

Click past the jump for the complete email. Jump for joy if you got a good rank.  (On a related note, the author of this post has no sympathy for any of you. I got a GRS number that I didn’t even know existed. #ResDeath)

Apply to International House

From Nicole Okai ’14 comes your study abroad alternative:

 Are you interested in learning about other cultures? Do you love food from all over the world? Do you have different ideas and perspectives that you want to share with others?
International House wants you! We welcome all members of the Wes community to this haven for diversity.
 Apply by this Friday March 2nd at 11:59pm and email nokai@wesleyan.edu if you have questions

And check out these sneak peeks :)

“The Three Most Feared Letters in the Alphabet: ‘GRS’”: A Guide to Housing

Take cover: the first GRS selection night is four short days away. To make the process a bit more transparent, here’s a repost, with slight updates, of Ben Cohen ’10‘s phenomenal guide to housing. [Note: I’m stickying this post to the top for a bit so it doesn’t get buried. Scroll down for more news and events.]

Yes, the three letters that strike fear into the hearts of Wesleyan students like none other. Despite what Wesleying’s “F the GRS” tags and upperclassmen’s horror stories would have you believe, the process isn’t as much of a nightmare as it would appear. It certainly helps, though, to know the ins and outs of each dorm/apartment/house to make sure you don’t become one of those famed horror stories. With that in mind, Wesleying proudly presents its Guide to Picking the Right Room in GRS And Not Screwing Yourself Over, featuring descriptions of each living unit, including laundry facilities, kitchen facilities, and fun facts that few people know and even fewer care about.

(Note: The number of units listed for each building are the units available in GRS, not the total number of units in the building. ResLife sometimes reserves certain units for groups with extenuating circumstances, so there will often be fewer units in GRS than there actually are. Also, the ResLife website has pictures and floor plans of every building except 240 Court.)