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What a socially-responsible, environmentally-friendly company… three cheers for BP, eh?

So, you thought you could forget about the oil spill in the Gulf? You know, the three-month period in 2010 when the executives of one of the world’s largest oil companies checked-out like second semester seniors (with a half-assed work ethic to boot) and 4.9 million barrels were released into the ocean? And that did ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to change the “Drill, Baby, Drill” mentality in Washington?

Well, two artists are coming to campus to jog your memory.

Regifting Recyclables Collection!

Want to help clean up the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf? Have a lot of trash lying around? Feel like recycling (even more than you already do of course)?

Give your trash to TerraCycle! For each item sent in, this company will donate money to our chosen charity, the Nature Conservancy, to restore the Gulf Coast.

Please bring your:

  • Empty mechanical pencils
  • Used-up pens
  • Yogurt containers
  • Energy bar wrappers
  • Granola bar wrappers
  • Cookie package wrappers

…to one of our collection boxes located outside of  Summerfields and WeShop.

These items will be turned into great new products, then resold. Check out TerraCycle’s website for more details.

If you feel like helping us, please contact magresti(at)wesleyan(dot)edu or edeatrick(at)wesleyan(dot)edu.