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Submit to The Hangman’s Lime

Lime-A-Rita-Logo-2012-04-20From Justin Greene ’16:

Sending poems to The Hangman’s Lime, Wesleyan’s oldest and zestiest poetry publication, entails many benefits: personal fulfillment, maybe conquering a fear of getting work out there, the possibility of becoming a literary superstar, a life full of lime trees, and all our beautiful limes, endless possibilities. It will make us very happy.

So what are you waiting for? Send us no more than five (5) poems to hangmanslime[at]gmail[dot]com. Prose or verse, as long as you consider it poetry, we want it! Send it over by November 21st at 11:59pm and you’re eligible for all the above rewards! How rewarding!

Here’s a Facebook event! https://www.facebook.com/events/1139179676110974/

Submit By: Saturday, November 21 at 11:59 PM

A Call For Poetry Submissions

Screen Shot 2014-11-13 at 11.47.38 AMDo you consider yourself the Dylan Thomas of our generation? If so, Kate “Not Me” Malczewski ’15 and Wesleyan’s all-poetry magazine, the Hangman’s Lime wants your poetry. A “Do Not Go Gentle” joke would be too gratuitous here, right?

The Hangman’s Lime, Wesleyan’s oldest and only all-poetry magazine, wants your poems! If you want to send us some poetry lovin’, submit no more than five poems to hangmanslime[at]gmail[dot]com by January 23. All submissions are read anonymously. Don’t miss this chance to share your poetry with the world (aka the Wesleyan bubble)!
Start Date: Now (November 13)
Due Date: January 23rd

The Hangman’s Lime Wants Photos

hangmanslime2006 The Hangman’s Lime, Wesleyan’s oldest poetry publication, wants your black-and-white masterpieces.

We need cover art. You’ll be a superstar, an artiste. Submit your black-and-white photography to hangmanslime[at]gmail[dot]com – no theme, just your art. Send us pretty pictures if you don’t suck (or, if you think you do, you may be better than you think and should send them anyway). The deadline is next Thursday, May 8th. Send them over!

The Hangman’s Lime Submissions Deadline is Approaching

Zach Sporn ’15 encourages you to plant some poet-trees:
The Hangman’s Lime, Wesleyan’s only all-poetry magazine, is still looking for a lot more submissions! If you or anyone you know loves to write poetry, please encourage them to submit by midnight this Thursday, November 21st. All submissions are reviewed anonymously, but if you’d also like your poetry to be published anonymously, you can include that in your submission email to hangmanslime(at)gmail(dot)com.
Deadline: Thursday, November 21st
Time: Midnight
Facebook: Yes.

The Hangman’s Lime Wants Your Poetry

hangmans lime POSTERS!

Zach’S porn ’15 can’t make his name a gamertag. He also wants to publish your poems:

The Hangman’s Lime, Wesleyan’s oldest and only current all-poetry magazine, wants your poetry! Want to showcase your new Homeric epic? Your prose poem about the relationship between Lord of the Rings and your latent psychological issues? Lovely – submit to us at hangmanslime[at]gmail[dot]com by November 21. Submissions are reviewed anonymously.

Hangman’s Lime Info Session


From Zachary Sporn ’15:

Wesleyan’s oldest (and only) student-run all-poetry magazine is having its first meeting and info session Tuesday at 4:15 in Allbritton 113 for anyone interested in joining. Come with all your questions and our editors/past members will answer them, and maybe tell you some other fun/horror stories from our time at Wes. This is the perfect chance for anyone who couldn’t find our booth during the club fair or who loves page poetry!

And check out the new blog here.


Date: Tuesday, Sept 17
Time: 4:15-4:45 pm
Place: Allbritton 113
Cost: Free as speech

Hangman’s Lime Wants Your Photos


Hangman’s Lime has a dope opportunity for all you instagrammers photographers out there:

Take black and white photos? Want them to be featured on the cover of a poetry magazine? Hangman’s Lime (Wesleyan’s oldest all-poetry magazine) is looking for a black and white picture to use for its cover. Photos should probably not be close-ups of a person; otherwise, most things will be considered.

Contact: hangmanslime(at)gmail(dot)com
Deadline: A$AP.

Hangman’s Lime Deadline Extended

Tryna get your poems published? You’ve got another month to procrastinate. From Rebecca Coven ’13:

Sad that you missed the
Hangman’s Lime deadline last week?
Well we’ve got good news!

Deadline extended
til the first of December.
Send us your poems!

Deadline: December 1
Contact: hangmanslime(at)gmail

Submit to the Hangman’s Lime

Rebecca Coven ’13 has an outlet for your Shakespearian aspirations:

The Hangman’s Lime, Wesleyan’s oldest all-poetry magazine, is seeking submissions. We want your beautiful, disturbing, enriching, distracting – in short, any and all kinds of – work.

Please send poems to hangmanslime(at)gmail(dot)com by November 1st. And tell your poetic friends!

Deadline: Midnight, November 1st, 2012

Deadline: November 1, 2012
Contact: hangmanslime(at)gmail(dot)com

First Hangman’s Lime Meeting

From Molly Hanessian ’13 / We witness a new type of literary scene:

Like poetry? Come to the Hangman’s Lime’s first meeting! The Hangman’s Lime is Wesleyan’s only all-poetry literary magazine. We meet once a week to discuss submissions, and put out one issue every May. If you have any interest, come to the first meeting to learn more!

Date: Tomorrow, September 24
Time: 4:15pm
Place: Albritton 103