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Hangman’s Lime Seeks Cover Submissions

Corey Dethier ’12 sends in word about an opportunity for photographers on campus? Wait, am I allowed to call him Corey “Big Bird” Dethier ’12 or is that just frostedmoose‘s thing?

Take black and white photos? Want them to be featured on the cover of a poetry magazine? Hangman’s Lime (Wesleyan’s oldest all-poetry magazine) is looking for a black and white picture to use for its cover.

Photos should probably not be close-ups of a person; otherwise, most things will be considered. Please send submissions tohangmanslime(at)gmail(dot)com in the next week.

Due date: Next week
Contact: hangmanslime(at)gmail(dot)com

Tip to Hangman’s Lime: check out Black and WTF when you get the chance. It’s really something.

frostedmoose [8.24pm] – It’s a frostedmoose thing. Also, it’s Corey “I’ve Been a Copy-Editor, like, forever” Dethier ’12.

Submit to Hangman’s Lime

From The Lime:

Remember, it’s less than a week to Halloween! Which means it is also
less than a week until the deadline for the Hangman’s Lime. We’re
Wesleyan’s oldest all-poetry magazine, and we want any and all types
of poetry. We’ll consider up to five of your poems if you send them to
hangmanslime(at)gmail(dot)com by November 1st.

So submit! And tell everyone you know to do so as well. They only have
a few days left, after all…

  • Deadline: Midnight, November 1st, 2011
  • Place: hangmanslime(at)gmail(dot)com
  • Why: For the love of the written word

Hangman’s Lime wants your poems

As you begin to pack away those books, those clothes, do not pack away your poems—oh no, not yet! Not before you have submitted to The Hangman’s Lime!

To do so, send 3-5 poems to hangmans_lime@yahoo by Dec. 17.

[Via Audrey McGlinchy ’11.]

Poetry reading Monday: LimeLight, Round Two!

Audrey McGlinchy ’11 writes:

LimeLight, Round Two!: The first one was so successful we just couldn’t resist rounding up the poets again!

A poetry reading hosted by The Hangman’s Lime, Wesleyan’s all poetry magazine, because we love reading poetry, but love hearing it more! Bring your friends, your ears, and your mouths (for the free limes, of course!).

Contact Audrey at amcglinchy@wes (careful on the spelling; there’s also an amcglinchey) if you’re interested in reading.

Date: Monday, Dec. 8
Time: 8:00-10:00 PM
Place: Zelnick Pavilion

Hangman’s Lime meeting tomorrow

Kate Gavriel ’09 writes:

Be a part of The Hangman’s Lime!

The Hangman’s Lime is entering into its sixteenth year as the premier poetry magazine on campus, and we welcome you to join us! If you are interested in joining the editorial staff of The Hangman’s Lime, come to our next meeting on Monday.

Want more information? Check out our website. Questions? Contact Leah Campbell ’09 at lcampbell@wes.

Date: Monday, Sept. 29
Time: 4:30 PM
Place: UOC (190 High Street)