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MINDS Faculty Panel on Stigma of Mental Illness


Great MINDS think alike… on mental illness? Ha? Take it away, Alicia Gansley ’15:

Join MINDS for a panel on the stigma of mental illness featuring Wesleyan faculty and local health professionals. The event will begin with a short introduction by each of our speakers followed by an informal Q&A moderated by MINDS founder, Raghu Appasani ’12.


  • Dr. Matthew Kurtz, Professor of Psychology and Neuroscience
  • Dr. Jennifer D’Andrea, Director of Counseling and Psychological Services at Wesleyan Univeristy (CAPS)

FREE SNACKS FROM HAVELI in Middletown will be served! Bring your prefrosh!!
Funded by SALD.

Date: Thursday, April 18th, 2013
Time: 7 PM
Place: Fisk Hall 302
Cost: Free! And with free food!

Fast-A-Thon 2012

From Talia Baurer ’15:

Help fight food insecurity in our local community, and demonstrate solidarity against poverty across all boundaries. Don’t wait! Donate points/meals to Amazing Grace Food Pantry now – click here for the form! It’s super easy!

Donate 15 or more points and enter a raffle for a $100 Best Buy Gift Card. With guest performances by Onomatopoeia and Vocal Debauchery, free Haveli food, and t-shirts! Email Hira Jafri at hjafri(at)wesleyan(dot)edu with any questions.


Date: Tuesday, November 13
Time: 6:00 pm
Place: Beckham Hall
Cost: Donate points PLZZZ

Wesleying Unofficial Orientation Series: Middletown Eateries, Part Deux

Adding on to yesterday’s Middletown Eateries, Part 1, here is the prophesied Part 2 Deux. Keeping the theme, we will now proudly feature pictures of Joe Biden eating a sandwich. Avid readers might be graced with a hyperlinked gem of the two big dogs eating sandwiches at the same time. Read past the jump for the delicious Middletown taste-bud orgy dispensers.

First UOC Open Community Meeting

The UOC writes in:

The University Organizing Center invites you to our first Open Community Meeting, a monthly forum about the Wesleyan community. This first meeting will be organized into two parts: a discussion portion that aims to start dialogue about resources and collaboration on campus, and a mixer portion where people can meet each other, enjoy a free Haveli dinner, and potentially think about working together in the future. We hope you join us for this meeting (as well as for future meetings), as we want to start a wider campus conversation with you.

Date: Wednesday, November 16th
Time: 5:00 PM
Place: 200 Church Library

Fighting Hunger Has Never Been Easier

So, maybe you don’t have 750 points lying around on your WesID at this point in the semester as I do right now. But, I’m sure you can still spare a few points to donate to fight food insecurity in our community and demonstrate a sense of solidarity against poverty across all boundaries. Read on for details from Anike Arni ’13 on how to achieve such a noble goal..

Time is running out to donate your points to Fast-a-Thon!
Next Tuesday is Wesleyan’s 5th Annual Fast-a-Thon Banquet. Participants are invited to join the rest of the campus in donating points, cash, or check to the Amazing Grace Soup Kitchen in Middletown. This event raises money to fight food insecurity in our local community, and demonstrates solidarity against poverty across all boundaries.
Don’t wait! Donate now – you can do it online this year! All participants are invited to the Banquet this Tuesday, Nov. 15, 5:45PM in Beckham Hall, with FREE dinner from Haveli India and free t-shirts. Donate more than 15 points and enter a raffle for a $100 Best Buy Gift Card.
Seats at the Banquet are limited, so come early!
Please email Hira Jafri ’13 at hjafri(at)wesleyan(dot)edu with any questions.
Sponsored by: Interfaith Justice League, Muslim Student Association, Haveli India, Bon Appetit, Office of Residential Life, Office of Religious and Spiritual Life, Office of Community Service, SBC, SALD

Pakistan’s Plight: A Faculty Panel

The Pakistan Flood Relief Initiative invites you to attend a panel discussion of the current humanitarian crisis. Professors Aradhana Sharma, Gary Yohe, and Michel Touchton will discuss the dynamics of the situation and conduct a nuanced analysis of the catastrophe. Food will be provided!

The following information comes from Flood Relief coordinator Jeff Breau ’11:

Pakistan’s Plight: A Country Grappling with Flood Devastation

  • Worst disaster in UN History
  • One fifth of the country underwater
  • 7,000,000 Displaced

Join us Thursday, October 28th for a panel discussion with Aradhana Sharma, Gary Yohe, and Michael Touchton to learn more!

  • What: Haveli Dinner and Faculty Panel Discussion on the flooding in Pakistan
  • When: Thursday October 28th, 6-7:30
  • Where: Daniel Family Commons (3rd floor Usdan)
  • Tickets: Sold at Box Office beginning Tuesday October 26th, suggested donation of $8 for students and $15 for faculty.