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Raptors are cool.

Aaron Kelley ’10 writes in to tell us:

this hawk (red-tailed?) was seen eating a squirrel outside of the science center the other day… i thought it was pretty fucking cool and wanted to share with everybody else.

As he said, pretty fucking cool:

Well done Aaron, and well done Nature.

Hawk Sighting

No, I’m not talking about some sports mascot. I’m so sports-illiterate that I probably wouldn’t even be able to tell you if there was a sports mascot that was a hawk, or which sport they were a mascot for. I’m talking about Buteo jamaicensis, the Red-tailed Hawk. I was walking back to Hewitt from the campus center, and this hawk swooped by, about 2 feet off the ground, coming up from Mocon circle and into the courtyard. He harassed a squirrel a little bit, before perching on the railing connecting hewitt 9 and 10.

He chilled there for a while, then decided he’d be more comfortable in a tree, so again, flying just inches off the ground, he swooped across the courtyard and up into a tree.

Reactions from passers-by were quite amusing. One girl, upon seeing it/having it pointed out to her, took two steps backwards and nearly fell over.