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Fuck Yeah: Ishmael EP on the Airwaves Tomorrow Night!

Guys, I know everyone’s pumped for dat yung Awesomefest the weekend after next, but what’s one to do if one needs a little awesome? If only there were somewhere we could turn to for something new, like the EP that band is recording with that guy. Imagine how sweet it would be to hear The Ishmayles on the radio! I know, it’s a silly pipe dream, but what else should I shoot for – finishing my homework? Fat chance. Wait – I’m getting a message from none other than Maggie Toth ’12! What could it possibly be?

So here’s the deal: Andy Werle, ’12, and Jordan Lewis, ’13, of Ishmael will be joining me on my radio show for a preview of their forthcoming EP in its entirety. My show is called 600 lbs of Sin [Ed. note: That’s sick.] and is on WESU from 1-2am on Monday Night (Tuesday Morning). People can listen in my heading to wesufm.org or turning their radio dial to 88.1. Also, if you could mention their upcoming show at Earth House (this Saturday at 10:30) that would be wonderful.

To quote economist and public intellectual John Kenneth Galbraith: “Word!” I’m pumped. If I see any of you at 1 AM and am not listening to the show, please remind me where I’m supposed to be! And keep an eye out for an event post on Ishmael playin’ one o’ their ol’ haunts.

Ishmael at Eclectic

Your Best Bros are tryna getcha to “throw your weight around at the Ishmael show, this Friday night (11/18) at Eclectic!”:

Expect to see things started off with The Assortment of Crayons (?!?!) at 10, followed by motherfucking Ishmael at 11. Bare your soul and face the book  here, or just kick back and have a blast.fm. If  you enjoy not paying money to watch/hear music, this might be an event for you!

Date:   Nov. 18 – Nov. 19
Time:   10:30 PM – 2:00 AM
Place:  Eclectic
Cost:  Depends on how hard you rage