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Davison Sends Out Public Health Announcement Regarding E. Coli Cases


Earlier this evening, Thomas McLarney, the medical director at the Davison Health Center sent out a public health announcement regarding a confirmed case of E. coli infection and one case pending verification.

The particular strain of E. coli that was detected has potential affects on the kidneys and circulatory system in those who contract it. McLarney asked anyone working in food service who might have symptoms to stop working until a full evaluation is performed by the health center. Any questions can be answered by calling (860) 685-2470. Read after the jump for the full text of the email.

Community Health Center Volunteer Informational Meeting

From Jelisa Adair ’13:

Do you believe that health care is a right and not a privilege? Do you want to become more engaged in the Middletown Community? Then come join us for an informational meeting on the volunteer opportunities currently available with the Community Health Center!

Current openings include programs with: Reach Out and Read, Garden Club, Recess Rocks!, Vinnie’s Jump and Jive, Midnight on Main and the Oasis/HIV Community Center

For any questions/additional information, or if you cannot make this meeting time but would still like to be considered, please contact wesleyanchc(at)gmail(dot)com.

Date: Wednesday, October 3
Time: 4:15-5:15
Place: Albritton 103
Cost: Free

ASHA Demands Free STI Testing, is “Serious About Sex”

 Wesleyan student groups have a history of advocating for sexual health causes in the form of viral YouTube spots, so here’s the latest and greatest: “Wesleyan Is Serious About Sex,” a video by Susanna Banks ’13 and Taylor Morales ’13 to aid ASHA’s campaign for free STI testing at Wesleyan. The video involves PG-13 depictions of heavy petting in the Olin stacks (nice panning shots!) and liberal usage of Tommy James’ “I Think We’re Alone Now,” so keep it away from your grandma.

Its purpose? To spread a Google Doc petition lobbying the University to “provide free testing for HIV and other sexually transmitted infections at Davison Health Center.” As Banks explains it,

Wesleyan students are serious about sex. Let’s be serious about our sexual health, and DEMAND FREE STI TESTING! Currently getting tested for sexually transmitted infections at Davison Health Center can cost up to $100, creating a financial barrier for many students. Williams, Bowdin, and Colby offer free testing to their students—why don’t we?

Please watch our video and fill out the google form explaining to the University why you think it is important to have free testing. And of course, don’t forget to GYT—get yourself tested!

What say you? Should the university be expected to provide free STI testing for students?

ASHA has, in the past, provided the service at Green Street Arts Center and Eclectic. This year, there is no such option. For some figures, pricing for individual STI tests at Davison varies heavily—from no charge for public lice, scabies, and HPV (genital warts) tests to $150 for a Herpes blood test. Click past the jump for a full chart via Davison’s website. 

Outside the Wes Bubble: Norovirus Goes Viral

Wesleyan seems to have become intimately acquainted with the Gastro virus over the past few weeks, but we’re not the only ones: this virus is seriously getting around on northeastern campuses, spreading puke, diarrhea, and cramps like holiday cheer wherever it goes. It all feels a bit like Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but [spoiler alert] even Donald Sutherland succumbs in the end. So it goes.

Down at GW University in DC, health officials have identified approximately 85 cases of gastrointestinal fun, with many more likely unreported. “Hand sanitizer also continues to be supplied at stands located in high-traffic areas,” offers up the health advisory, apparently unaware that hand sanitizer is totally not sufficient to stop the spread.

What’s more, GW Norovirus has taken to Twitter to let prospective targets know what’s up:

Gastro Virus to Wesleyan: “Sup Poop-Eaters?”

Stop reading Wesleying and go wash your hands.

Last week the health center casually let us know that gastroenteritis (aka “stomach flu” aka “living hell in your bowels”) was making its rounds around Boston campuses and local healthcare facilities. A few cases had popped up at Wesleyan. No biggie. Don’t panic. Just a heads up. Wash your hands a lot. Also, transmission is “fecal-oral.” Maybe lay off eating poop for a few weeks.

This week, shit gets real. (Literally.) (Eww.)

According to the latest all-campus, the party really got going last night, when the health center began bustling with students reporting Norovirus symptoms (vomiting, diarrhea, cramps, and so on). On the bright side, the investigation is well underway: “The University will be increasing cleaning of bathrooms in dorms with high numbers of cases, collecting data about cases to identify patterns and conducting other interventions as appropriate.”

You can read Medical Director Davis Smith’s extensive posting here, but the basic (and hopefully obvious) advice is to. . . 

Health Center: Fecal Matter –> Vomiting, Diarrhea

The first thing I think of when I see the word “diarrhea.”

At 11:38 AM today (Tuesday, January 31), an email went out to all students on campus entitled “Norovirus Advisory.” Like me, a lot of people probably looked at this, saw things about being sick, said “Wow, this is long, and I don’t really get sick!” and then moved on to other things. After reading this more carefully, I went through and distilled the email into a few bullet points. The rest of the letter is quoted in its entirety after the jump.

  • Subject of Email: Gastroenteritis (vomiting/diarrhea) that has begun cropping up on campus in the past few days.
  • Can be gradual or sudden
  • Symptoms: Nausea, vomiting, headache, dizziness, “sense of temperature disequilibrium, fatigue. Diarrhea often starts 12 hours after vomiting (which is usually resolved by that time).
  • Transmission is “fecal-oral” due to failure to wash hands before food preparation/consumption. “That’s right, you get it by eating poop.” (Actual quote, bolded below).
  • Contagious for first 24-48 hours (about how long the illness acts); non-contagious after 72 hours.
  • Prevention: Wash hands! Hand sanitizer does not work. Don’t share towels, cups, silverware, toothbrushes, etc. Don’t eat communal food.
  • Details on what to do if you get sick are bolded below in the letter.
  • Health Center phone number: (860) 685-2470.
  • Health Center hours: 9-6 Monday – Thursday, 9-5 Friday, 10-2 Saturdays. Doctor is on call when they are closed.

Student-Run Grief Group, Feb. 9th

Leah Koenig ’13 writes in:

The Student-Run Grief Group is a network of support for those who have experienced the death of a loved one. This week we will meet at 8 PM on Wednesday, February 9th, on the second floor of the Davidson Health Center. Future meeting times may be subject to change.  Feel free to come and go when it’s convenient for you.

Questions? email lkoenig(at)wesleyan(dot)edu

Date:   Feb. 9
Time:   8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Place:  Second floor of the Health Center (enter through the back), follow signs to
Group Room #212.

Student-Run Grief Group

From Kendall McKinnon ’11:

The Student-Run Grief Group is a network of support for those who have experienced the death of a loved one. We meet every Wednesday at 8 p.m. on the second floor of the Davidson Health Center. Feel free to come and go when it’s convenient for you. Our first session will be this Wednesday, September 22. Questions? Call or email Kendall: 512-296-3521, kmckinnon(at)Wesleyan(dot)edu.

Date: Sept. 22 – Sept. 22
8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Second floor of the Health Center (enter through the back), follow signs to Group Room #212.