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Submit to the Wesleyan Hermes!

From Will Barr ’18:

Submit to the Wesleyan Hermes! We are an alternative news publication looking to elevate thoughts, stories, and works from all perspectives within the Wesleyan community. Submit news bits, critical thought pieces, cartoons, comic strips, poetry, and anything else that you’d like to be considered for publication. The theme for our first issue is: Wesleyan Mythology. What does Wesleyan Mythology mean to you?

Submissions should be emailed to wesleyanhermes[at]gmail[dot]com by 5PM on Friday, October 9th, 2015.

Also: check out our most recent publication: How to Be a (Better) White Ally, created by the awesome Oceann Gao ’19.

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Hermes Mag Taking Submissions

From Ethan Hoffman ’14:

The Hermes – REINCARNATE! – is back from the ashes.

And we’re accepting submissions for our first issue, slated for publication this December! We’re looking for “alternative,” “subversive,” “creative,” “radical,” and “inflammatory” pieces, whether they be reportage, fiction, non-fiction, poetry, theory, visual art, or something uncategorizable – anything that you feel wouldn’t fit into mainstream campus media coverage. WE WANT YOU.

We are receiving submissions on a rolling basis, so hit us with yer best shot. Send it to wesleyanhermes[at]gmail[dot]com or drop it off at the Hermes office on the second floor of the University Organizing Center.

You can also send us tips (to the same email address) if you want the Hermes to investigate any interesting campus incidents or goings-on. Email us if you want to get involved in any aspect of the Hermes’ production! [WE WANT YOU.]