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Ella Dawson ’14 Talks Herpes, Harassment, and Hillary Clinton

“I was walking back to a friend’s dorm and we had been making out at a party. I was like ‘Just so you know, I have genital herpes. We should use condoms. The risk is pretty small, but it’s there. Are you okay with that?’ And he was like ‘Yeah, I don’t give a fuck.’”


“Freshman Ella (Butts C!) dressing up like Emma Stone from Easy A just in case you couldn’t tell I REALLY liked sex.”

If you were on campus circa 2010-2014, you probably knew Ella Dawson ’14 as kickass FGSS major and editor-in-chief of Unlocked Magazine. She now works as TED’s social media manager.

In the past two years, Ella has gotten wide recognition for championing STI destigmatization through her blog that she started in her senior year of college. She has also been featured on MTV Founders, Women’s Health, and Femsplain for her writings about living with herpes. Last Spring, Ella gave a TEDx talk on her experiences and her writing. In the past two weeks, Ella’s work has gotten even more recognition.

On September 6th, Ella won the recognition of Hillary Clinton by means of a personalized letter in response to an article she published on Medium entitled Hillary Clinton, The Alt-Right, And Me

I spoke with Ella and we talked about Far-Right Internet Assholes, Hillary Clinton’s letter, how Wes kids can participate in STI destigmatization, and how Wesleyan’s administration doesn’t know what to do with her. Read on for the interview: