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Hewitt Students Fix Water Fountain… With Gardening Hose

For those who live on the third floor of Hewitt 8, a water fountain is not something to be taken for granted. For over a year, the residents’ water fountain has been out of commission, with no plan in sight as to when it will be fixed. Despite numerous attempts and a phone campaign led by Sivan Battat ’15 earlier this year, no progress has been made.

Enter Hewitt 8 Plumbing Co. ’15, an unofficial duo who wishes to remain anonymous.

“We had a Swiss army knife and a hammer, and figured the issue was worth a little bit of exploration, states one of the sophomores. “So we unscrewed a few things, took in some asbestos, and figured out if you turn a few nozzles and poke at the right angles, you can stabilize the [water] motor which is definitely important I imagine.”

The real problem, however, was a matter of connecting the filter, the motor, and a funny little thing called the ‘shutoff’ to a non-existent metal fountain (officially known as a bubbler).

One Day Marriage


From Sage Ryza:

Wanna get married but not looking for a long term commitment?

Wanna get married but don’t have a partner to wed?

Don’t worry, because you are now eligible to participate in the one day marriage experiment extravaganza.

We will have an initial meeting/ mass wedding this Thursday at 9 pm in the Hewitt 9 lounge.  At this ceremony you will be randomly paired with your one day husband/wife.  Then we will perform short wedding ceremonies including vows, dance to cheesy music, drink champagne, make toasts and receive wedding gifts.  You are encouraged to dress in formal attire/wedding wear.

WESCR1B$, Part Three: Hewitt Room

Our survey of your WESCR1B$ continues, and Elle Markell ’14 sends in pictures of her Hewitt room, where she efficiently and stylishly uses the room’s space. Elle also appears to own a really boss Frigidaire fridge (with a separate freezer compartment!). I highly recommend it! Elle writes: 

I put the bed on the floor and added a body pillow so that it could double as a couch. The balcony chairs and table are from Ikea, as are the lamps and the bedside table/crate. On the walls are various polaroids and other personal photographs, a Frank Lloyd Wright calendar, and a few band posters.

For WESCR1B$ room inspiration, click here, here, and/or here. Procrastinate (or efficiently schedule your time) by sending pics of your room, hovel, tipi, or couch and fun descriptions of them to staff(at)wesleying(dot)org!

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Some Dorms Down… Again

Receiving word that the Butts, Nics, WestCo, and Hewitt are down again. Other buildings may be out as well. This is independent of the outage scheduled for 3-4am tomorrow morning. Public Safety has confirmed that the four buildings mentioned are down, but does not know if this is outage was planned or not. If anyone has more info about this outage please write it up in the comments section.

[Edit 10:18pm] Clark Hall is also out (confirmed).

[Edit 11:19PM crash] The power will be out for at least an hour. Cause of outage isn’t known at the moment. Fayerweather, Usdan, Exley, Senior Fauv, Frosh Fauv still have power.

[Edit 11:36PM BZOD] Power is back on in the Nics. Also, a message from Public Safety around 10 PM tonight said that the outage would be fixed in “2 hours maximum.” Probably not planned, but the issue might have at least been resolved.

Flavor Tripping in Hewitt

Science Hall offers the “sensory experience of a lifetime” on Saturday, and this one’s not named after a Doonesbury character:

Come have the sensory experience of a lifetime. You don’t need to ingest anything or take hallucinogenics to make sour things taste irresistibly sweet. Miraculin is a natural protein that will bring your taste buds to uncharted tasting territory for a whole hour! The miraculin tablets and food for tasting will be free!

  • Date: Saturday, December 4
  • Time: 2:00 PM – 3:30 PM
  • Place: Hewitt 9 Lounge
  • Cost: Free