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Lunchbox Tonight!

Le sketch comedy group is performing tonight, attaches odd picture. Go go go!

Come to the first LUNCHBOX SHOW of the year TONIGHT! It will be joyous.

Date:   Feb. 19
Time:   8:30 PM – 9:30 PM
Place:  Nics Lounge


Lunchbox Sketch Comedy is having its last show of the year. Celebrate the last day of classes, prepare for Spring Fling’s hilarity and witness the final show for three graduating seniors Janie Stolar, Edward Bauer and Elissa Kozlov. Come and wish them good luck on their lives that are downhill from here.

What?: Lunchbox sketch comedy show
When?: Tuesday, May 6th at 9pm
Where?: the Nic Lounge
Why?: because Lunchbox is awesome

Lunchbox Friday at 7PM – Don’t Miss It

Dylan Marron ’10 writes in to remind us:

There’s gonna be a LUNCHBOX SHOW this FRIDAY at 7PM in the NIC LOUNGE. Surely it will be awesome, as usual.

WHAT: Lunchbox, that sweet device you’ve been missing since elementary school
WHERE: The Nic Lounge, classy as always
WHEN: Friday at 7PM (better known as party o’clock)
WHY: ’cause Lunchbox fucking rocks
HOW: Get your ass over to the Nic Lounge
OKAY: I’m done.