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Notable “Wesleyan” Alumni

This article was a collaboration with smello.

According to the university’s website, “Wesleyan graduates are successful in every profession imaginable, including law, science, medicine, business, politics, and the creative arts. They are often leaders and innovators in their fields”. With all the recent focus on Lin-Manuel Miranda, we thought we’d shed some light on the other people who made the name “Wesleyan” famous.

Hillary Rodham Clinton Comes to Middletown, but during Wesleyan’s Fall Break

Well, MRoth’s efforts at differentiating Wesleyan’s brand from Wellesley’s is all but over once HRC comes to Middletown. RJ Julia posted on their website and Facebook page that Hillary Rodham Clinton will be coming to Middletown on Saturday, October 21 at 2pm for a book signing of her new book, “What Happened.” Sadly enough, this event will take place during Wesleyan’s fall break and many students therefore, will not be able to attend.

This event is ticketed and will cost $30+tax. You will get a copy of her book and chance for it to be signed. Here are the extremely vetted guidelines for this event. According to the event’s page:

Students Reflect on 2016 Election


With yesterday’s conclusion of the seemingly endless 2016 election, some Wesleyan students reflected on their experience deciding who to vote for. This article contains interview excerpts from several students who were interviewed separately before the election results were known. These students included Michelle Fisher’19, a Co-Chair for Wesleyan Democratic Socialists, Simon Korn’17 and Aimee Wilkerson’17, Co-Chairs of Wesleyan Democrats, Mathias Valenta ’20, Treasurer of Wesleyan Republicans, as well as Posse Veteran Scholar Brian Barkman’19. Of the five students interviewed three of them (Fisher, Korn, and Wilkerson) were planning to vote for Clinton, meanwhile Valenta, though not a U.S. citizen, supported Trump. Barkman was undecided at the time of the interview but was adamant that he would not cast his vote for Trump.

Ella Dawson ’14 Talks Herpes, Harassment, and Hillary Clinton

“I was walking back to a friend’s dorm and we had been making out at a party. I was like ‘Just so you know, I have genital herpes. We should use condoms. The risk is pretty small, but it’s there. Are you okay with that?’ And he was like ‘Yeah, I don’t give a fuck.’”


“Freshman Ella (Butts C!) dressing up like Emma Stone from Easy A just in case you couldn’t tell I REALLY liked sex.”

If you were on campus circa 2010-2014, you probably knew Ella Dawson ’14 as kickass FGSS major and editor-in-chief of Unlocked Magazine. She now works as TED’s social media manager.

In the past two years, Ella has gotten wide recognition for championing STI destigmatization through her blog that she started in her senior year of college. She has also been featured on MTV Founders, Women’s Health, and Femsplain for her writings about living with herpes. Last Spring, Ella gave a TEDx talk on her experiences and her writing. In the past two weeks, Ella’s work has gotten even more recognition.

On September 6th, Ella won the recognition of Hillary Clinton by means of a personalized letter in response to an article she published on Medium entitled Hillary Clinton, The Alt-Right, And Me

I spoke with Ella and we talked about Far-Right Internet Assholes, Hillary Clinton’s letter, how Wes kids can participate in STI destigmatization, and how Wesleyan’s administration doesn’t know what to do with her. Read on for the interview:

Holly Wood on Hope, Feminism, Bernie, and Owl Shit

Barn Owl flying in winter sunlight Tyto albaIf you’ve been paying attention lately, especially if you’re a young woman who doesn’t support Hillary Clinton’s presidential candidacy, you may have noticed that your political choices apparently indicate complacency about your reproductive rights, good ol’ heterosexual boy-craziness, and that you’re headed straight for hell. While the arguments are somewhat more nuanced, you’re certainly not alone if you object to the idea that the right way to be a feminist (“right way to be a feminist”) requires voting for Hillary.

Wesleying’s very own co-founder, Holly Wood ’08, has voiced her own objections, explaining in the Village Voice Why One Millennial Woman Would Rather Go to Hell than Vote for Hillary. Check it out for an argument about hope in the face of “the Great American Trash Fire,” framed by an extended metaphor about barn owls swooping about and pooping on us delusional snake people young women.

You Vote What You Eat

According to micro-targeting pollsters with questionable methods, Joanna Dicke ’10‘s food, beverage, and liquor preferences make her an Obama-supporting stereotype:

If there’s butter and white wine in your refrigerator and Fig Newtons in the cookie jar, you’re likely to vote for Hillary Clinton. Prefer olive oil, Bear Naked granola and a latte to go? You probably like Barack Obama too. And if you’re leaning toward John McCain, it’s all about kicking back with a bourbon and a stuffed crust pizza…

Apparently Obama supporters go for Bear Naked cereal, Clinton supporters prefer GoLean. and McCain supporters like FiberOne.

Republican drinks are Dr Pepper, brown liquors like bourbon or scotch, red wine and Fiji water. Democratic drinks are Pepsi-Cola, Sprite, clear liquors like gin and vodka, white wine and Evian water.

When it comes to fried chicken, he said, Democrats prefer Popeyes and Republicans Chick-fil-A.

“Anything organic or more Whole Foods-y skews more Democratic,” Mr. Dowd said. [Wow, who could’ve guessed]

So what now, campaign events at liquor stores and fried chicken joints? Is Colonel Sanders voting Nader?

Full NYTimes article: What’s For Dinner? The Pollster Wants to Know