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History of Rock and R&B Midterm Project Spotlight

“yoooo wesleying, you all should post this. it’s much better than that empire-state-of-mind-sampled jock anthem that you guys had up last year. This is fucking amazing. i’m gonna go watch it again.” —ACB


Anonymous ’11 was thoughtful enough to send in his History of Rock and R&B midterm video project for anyone in need of three really unproductive minutes right about now. This one’s pretty narrowly geared at the “people who know the Waka Flaka Flame song ‘No Hands’ and play Settlers of Catan” demographic. This is Wesleyan: I know you guys are out there somewhere. Actual lyrical excerpt:

Girl, drop them dice and roll,
But don’t let them fall on the floooooor.
All I wanna do is sit back and watch you move,
and we’ll proceed to play Catan.

Here’s what the thoughtful critical masses of the ACB have to say: