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The Spirits Fall Jam: A Winter Extravaganza!


Ethan Tischler ’14 wants to serenade you for the holidays:

After a three year hiatus, the Spirits have decided to reunite for their first ever holiday concert! Come Saturday night for an evening of song, dance, and public service announcements revolving around themes, motifs, and tropes of the holiday season including but not limited to: Ben Jacobs, Alicia Keys, and Cole “Troublemaker” Chiumento. You’ve never possibly seen anything quite like this before – we promise.

Date: Today, December 7, 2013
Time: 8:00 PM – 9:00 PM
Place: Wesleyan Memorial Chapel
Cost: Not a thing.

Farmers Market Holiday Market!

From Maddie Ames ’13:

We’ll be holding a special holiday market in Zelnick Pavilion on
Wednesday, December 5th from 11 AM – 2PM.
Our normal vendors will be there selling produce, bread, spices and
SHOFCO and Impact will also be selling their wares.

Buy some gifts for your family and friends before it’s too late!

Date: Wed, December 5, 2012
Time: 11am – 2pm
Place: Zelnick Pavillion
Cost: Bring cash to buy your gifts

A Wesleythanksgivleying Salute

Hunkering down on campus? Read this. Don’t read this.

Happy Thanksgiving, Weszzleyan. We encourage you to celebrate the day with an old classic, “Tryptophantasm.” Starring Sam Korda ’13, Solomon Billinkoff ’14, Eliza Forman ’13, and Stephan Stansfield ’13, it’ll have you feeling like you’re suspended in a sea of cranberry sauce for eternity in no time. Though you may feel that way anyway by the time you read this…

Staying on campus over break? Good for you, you studious studier. The Thanksgiving Break dining schedule is your friend. Consult it wisely. There isn’t much food to be had between now and Saturday (both WesWings and Red & Black are also closed until then), but Main Street is only a scant few blocks from your dorm. So is Marco’s Deli. Choose wisely.

Newsflash: It’s a holiday!

This is what people probably think Wesleyan looks like, like politically correct queers.

So it’s around noon and those caffeine pills are just now starting to kick in after poppin’ some as breakfast this morning.  It’s okay, we all really should have started our papers due at 9AM today before midnight yesterday.  It happens.

Now check your calendar.  Yeah, it’s a very important day.  Your Wesleyan calendars will tell you loud and proud: OFFICE OF ADMISSION OCTOBER OPEN HOUSE!!!  Now you better be on your best behavior.  Bleed red and black before you go outside, and then become the hybrid car (that contemplates infinity) that you know you are.

If, for some godforsaken reason, you’ve interacted somehow with someone outside the Wesleyan bubble, you might realize why there’s an Admissions Open House today.  It’s Columbus Day!  He may or may not have discovered the Americas, exploited and enslaved peoples, committed genocide, and spread disease, but it’s still essentially a national holiday.  Across the nation people are pretending to sleep in because they’re not at work or school.  Where’s our day off dammit?

Also, isn’t it National Coming Out Day? Where are the provocative messages chalked into the ground for prefrosh parents to run away from?

Admission’s Open Houses are important.  Just don’t forget there’s a whole world out there.

Treasures & Sweets Christmas sale

Treasures & Sweets will be holding its Christmas sale this weekend. Lunch will be served from 11:30 AM to 1:00 PM. The $2 cost includes a homemade meal, drink, and dessert of fresh baked goods. Get your holiday shopping done and enjoy some good food!

Treasures & Sweets is located inside the First Baptist Church hall.

Date: Saturday, Dec. 6
Time: 9:00 AM – 2:30 PM
Place: 93 Main Street