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End of the Year Gift Swap!

From Talia Baurer ’15:

Woodframe and Senior Fauver residents: enter this end-of-the-semester GIFT SWAP! Signing up means you will give a gift (homemade and/or under $10 in price, please), receive a gift, and spread good vibes during the final weeks of the semester. Enter here through December 2nd.

Date: November 30 – December 2, 2014
Cost: < $10

Winter Warmth Drive (Continued!)


The kind folks of the Middletown Potluck want you to know the winter warmth drive is still happening!

Did you miss the chance to donate warm clothing because all your extra clothes are back home? No worries, we are continuing our Winter Warmth Drive! (Hurray!) Many of you are going back home during Thanksgiving break, so please bring back extra warm hats, coats, gloves, socks, scarves, sleeping bags, anything warm, and donate them to our collection boxes. The boxes will be placed in Exley by Pi Cafe, Olin
lobby, Usdan by the stairs, and other accessible places (possibly dorms), so watch out for their presence after break! Share the warmth by donating the clothes to Middletown residents in need!

Date: NOW until December 18th (i.e. when we all get kicked off of campus!)
Place: USDAN and OLIN and PI, OH MY
Cost: Warm heart <3

Valentine’s Day Post-Mortem, Part Two: A Freshman’s Perspective

Pictured: chocolate valentines from mom. Really.

Pictured: chocolate valentines from mom. Really.

Valentine’s Day kind of fizzled out when I was in high school. The teachers stopped handing out candy, and unless you had a significant other, the only thing you cared about was your chemistry exam that day. With the occasional joke about being single and forever alone, Valentine’s Day had disappeared as a fun, childhood holiday, expected to make a revival when I got a boyfriend who’d forget to buy flowers.

I expected college to be the same, especially a college like Wesleyan where today’s hookup mentality has been fully embraced. I figured it’d be a nonissue.

Boy, was I wrong.

The hype started on the first day of the semester, when my social psychology professor changed up the syllabus so we’d study interpersonal attraction on this most special of days. I thought that was cute, not realizing how exhausting it would be by the time Valentine’s Day actually rolled around.

A few days ago, the fliers and notices started going out about all the different Valentine’s Day fundraisers and events on campus: a cappella serenades, candy grams, and four-course meals at Usdan. But Wesleyan doesn’t only cater to couples—there’s also a “Fuck Valentines Day” singles Slowdance performance (which I can’t help but wish was actually a bunch of people waltzing without partners).

SHOFCO Sale in Olin

SHOFCO Golden Girl Maeve Russell ’14 writes in with an event you won’t want to miss:

Need a quick and easy holiday gift for that random aunt/creepy uncle/sibling/friend of yours? Want to treat yo’self for all those hours spent in Olin banging your head against your laptop? Seen all those beaded bracelets around campus and want to finally conform and buy one for yourself? Well, SHOFCO’s here to fulfill all your sleep-deprived dreams this Reading Week!

We’ve got all of our regular non-profit wares: the bracelets, the bags, the tapestries, and the jewelry (ALL proceeds go straight back to the HIV-positive women who made them! Along with the school!).

Also, you can make a donation to SHOFCO this holiday (in the name of a loved one) and get a sweet card declaring your good deed for the holidays!

We’ll be in Olin from Sunday night until Tuesday night. So stop on by for a quick study break! ‘Tis the season for giving!

Date: TONIGHT, Monday (December 10), Tuesday (December 11)
Time: 7pm-12am
Place: Olin
Facebook: Yay gifts! 

Gingerbread House (/anything) Contest

From Kerry Nix ’15:

Rally from finals madness by basking in the holiday cheer! Build a gingerbread house, boat, plane, forest, mountain, cattle, anything – show off your gingerbread-crafting skills with your friends and have your creation evaluated by judges from Bon Appetit. The winning team gets a special prize!

The contest will be held Saturday 12/8, by the Usdan stairs during dinner. Proceeds go to Brighter Dawns, a Wesleyan-born nonprofit whose mission is to minimize health disparities in Bangladesh slums.

Entry is $4/person if you pre-register and $5/person if you just show up! To pre-register, email brighterdawns[at]gmail[dot]com.

Date: Saturday, December 8
Time: Brunch hours
Place: By the Usdan stairs
Cost: $4/person pre-registered, $5/person if you show up!

Buru Style Serves Up “Funktastic Holiday Treat”

“It’s the kind of good time you can have with friends at 2 am, with the neighborhood kids the next afternoon, and with the whole fam around the fire on that special December night of your choice.”

Last year we posted about a collection of “wild (dare we say ‘zany’?) reinterpretations of classic holiday music from several faiths,” from campus reggae/funk faves Buru Style. This year, drum teacher/grad student/all-around percussion wiz Bill Carbone writes in to remind you of the omnidenominational holiday treat and let you know it’s available on iTunes, eMusic, and burustyle.bandcamp.com—actually in time for the holidays this time. It’s been a year since I first heard this EP, but these takes on “Jingle Bells” and “Hannukah, Oh Hannukah” don’t sound any more sane.

The album features Jake Schofield ’12, Andrew Fogliano ’10, Jake Gold ’10, Eric Sherman ’11, Ian Coss ’11, and Bill Carbone (grad) as well as seriously alumni MC Kabir Sen ’99. Here’s a seriously funked out “Jingle Bells,” featuring the aforementioned MC Kabir:

Newsflash: It’s a holiday!

This is what people probably think Wesleyan looks like, like politically correct queers.

So it’s around noon and those caffeine pills are just now starting to kick in after poppin’ some as breakfast this morning.  It’s okay, we all really should have started our papers due at 9AM today before midnight yesterday.  It happens.

Now check your calendar.  Yeah, it’s a very important day.  Your Wesleyan calendars will tell you loud and proud: OFFICE OF ADMISSION OCTOBER OPEN HOUSE!!!  Now you better be on your best behavior.  Bleed red and black before you go outside, and then become the hybrid car (that contemplates infinity) that you know you are.

If, for some godforsaken reason, you’ve interacted somehow with someone outside the Wesleyan bubble, you might realize why there’s an Admissions Open House today.  It’s Columbus Day!  He may or may not have discovered the Americas, exploited and enslaved peoples, committed genocide, and spread disease, but it’s still essentially a national holiday.  Across the nation people are pretending to sleep in because they’re not at work or school.  Where’s our day off dammit?

Also, isn’t it National Coming Out Day? Where are the provocative messages chalked into the ground for prefrosh parents to run away from?

Admission’s Open Houses are important.  Just don’t forget there’s a whole world out there.

Bob Dylan must be Santa

No mo classes!

As a Christmas heathen I’m somewhat ambivalent about this time of year, but I really want to be at Bob Dylan’s schwasted holiday house party. SENIOR COCKS WHOO:

Happy Presidents Day from ITS.

In honor of Washington, Wesleyan ITS has bumped up late night bandwidth. Between 8pm and 6am, internet speeds will be about 50% faster. The change first went into place last night.

Isaac Levy