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Paid Position with the Wesleyan Writing Blog

Get paid to write? WHOA! From Emma Mohney ’12 and Max Bevilacqua GRAD, Ford and Russell Fellows:

Are you interested in writing, editing, and blogging? Do you want to be involved in shaping a community of writers on campus? Do you already have dozens of writing-related bookmarks on your internet browser? Are you eager to add publishing credit and writing experience to your resume? We want you to work with us to help develop, promote and write for the Wesleyan Writing Blog!

Apply TODAY for a paid editorial position with the Wesleyan Writing Blog!! 

In the Name of All That is Blogged

This morning, Our Dear Leader Zach blogged his staggering 1,200th Wesleying post. With the blog at a little over 11,000 total posts, this means that he has alone contributed over a tenth of Wesleying’s total material. What follows is a (tragically brief) history of his illustrious Wesleying career, a minor tribute to the immensity of his infinite glory.